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"Bigots like to yell fire when there is no fire because they have no other rationale to support their hate."

Young 2 - Scene 2

She sat down looking as the boy was cleaning himself. Our kissing became urgent and our breathing quickened. If you try to leave these quarters that band will send a shock to your brain and you will go unconcious.

The two human women went to work licking it up as the male got up and began to dress. After a couple minutes, Stella reached a single finger out and flicked the tip of the boy's modls, without looking, she felt a little pre cum that he was massaging as he rubbed the shaft, but didn't turn from elenaz paperwork.

No clothes and a blanket is perfect, so that's how I roll. oh……. He was going to fuck me. He modeks one of my heavy breast and weight it in his hand.

He checked his watch again and froze as he suddenly saw an image in his mind; Gayle's dark eyes opened wide in terror, tears running down her soft cheeks as she called out his name in desperation.


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Vudozil 11 months ago
Calm down! There are no grand inquisitors here. This thread is just about debating whether Jesus existed. Its a historical question.
Kigashicage 11 months ago
How about a man who was raped by a farm hand for eight years then turns around several years later and forgives him. His name is Josh McDowell he has an interesting story check it out someday.
Mosar 11 months ago
Ok. Does your religious order have robes and a symbol?
Dulkis 10 months ago
People use Satan to excuse their own bad intentions and lack of social justice..
Kajisho 10 months ago
So you believe I can flap my arms and fly like a bird?
Kijin 10 months ago
Or when you are just drawn to tht person you know is not a good person to date, but its like a moth to a flame.
Nilkis 10 months ago
I don't believe in blood sacrifice or vicarious atonement, so I'll be interested in how this goes...
Faurn 10 months ago
I recommend placing a bottle of lotion next to the kitchen sink. Friction burns are no joke!
Zumuro 10 months ago
Trump is not a smart man.
Natilar 9 months ago
This is what happens when all layers of check and balances are of the same opinion
Meztisho 9 months ago
You caught my rollercoaster on a downhill day.
Faek 9 months ago
is the middle part knew knew or Know know?
Yozshurg 9 months ago
lol. I love how nonchalant that No True Scotsman fallacy was thrown in.
Tojakinos 9 months ago
I think I agreed with you.
Yozshunos 8 months ago
so, people that are barren or people choosing not to have kids, SHOULD NOT have sex?
Goltira 8 months ago
I answered you. If you are incapable of seeing any issue without filtering it through a virtue-signaling, political lens, you are unworthy of my time.
Yokus 8 months ago
Science hasn't determined that yet. Not even close.
Male 8 months ago
No, it doesn't prove that at all. So you can take your foot out of your mouth. Our brains were perfect before Adams' sin.
Shazragore 8 months ago
Now the OP has "it the nail on the head."
Nir 8 months ago
Moral realism presupposes that morality is real, IE exists if there are no people to consider that concept. Moral realism is arrived at the same way that physical realism is -- by indirect inference from highly useful models.
Shaktijind 8 months ago
"The supernatural is beyond that, even at quantum level"
Kazrasida 7 months ago
there are millions more worthy!!!
Gardagami 7 months ago
Son, it was not accepted at face value. It went though peer review, people have verified it work, people have refined it and improved it and are ALWAYS looks to falsify it. The biblical claims are debunked, they are false. End of story there.

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