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"Should I have just said all?"

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Candy caught up to Gayle at the elevators and stepped inside, giving her much smaller coworker a friendly smile as the doors closed, it was a small building and the blonde was sure she could have her little chat without being disturbed if she was quick about it so she reached over and punched the emergency stop button before turning to look Gayle in the eye, "Look bitch, he's mine so back off or you'll be sorry!" "Whoawhat?" Gayle stammered as she took a small step back in the confined space; Candy's suddenly hostile attitude taking her completely prf surprise.

"Hi, I'm Lizzie.

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Libby lost her virginity to me, and we fucked as much as possible after that, so I carved her cunt to mold my cock inside her. pfd cock feels so good inside of me.

John leaned against the friver, breathing deeply. As soon as it's hard I stick it in her soaking wet pussy. He runs his hands to her inner thigh kissing right behind his hand.

Her sweet, warm pussy started to squeeze and then stop and squeeze and stop and she said she was orgasming. What do you think. We got in my car that I left for her and she drove us home.

"No, it's okay, I've drank before I came.

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Fenrigal 1 year ago
no there's a butcher shop just east of peterborough called otonabee meat packers ... decent prices and great taste .... all canadian meat
Nesida 1 year ago
Welcome to LS ~DA. Please read the community guidelines. Have a nice time while you are here and enjoy your stay.
Mulmaran 1 year ago
It is suffering and mentally harmful to cut yourself off and lie about what you are. It is pure up suffering.
Dale 1 year ago
Yes I agree... do not ever see you do such.
Fautaur 1 year ago
Versus trickle-up economics practiced by Obama when the Big Three automakers were bailed out in 2009.
Voodoogis 1 year ago
Watch the vid!
Karamar 1 year ago
What are "atheistic beliefs?"
Shara 1 year ago
Now you're thinking like a politician.
Doucage 1 year ago
Idolatry. My 71 and 72 Plymouth Satellites..
Faecage 1 year ago
also destructive of individuation, age appropriate development, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
Vohn 1 year ago
Butt=you first?? No? Ok, me too.
Zulule 1 year ago
Well it is the basis for western civilization so there's that.
Dirn 1 year ago
No, of intellectually honest people. I'm sorry you don't like hearing it.
Kigajas 1 year ago
It seems that the only things left to run on would be raising taxes, scaring minorities and maybe sending a few more billion dollars to the Iranian mullahs.
Bagul 1 year ago
Read it, spent three years in a seminary training. Jesus said the old laws are in effect. Find a verse that contradicts Jesus.
Jushicage 1 year ago
I never asked any Hillbilly/ Tumbleweed/ Redneck / Hayseed from Jerkwater Hollar to sit down and don't rock the Boat.... EVER... What I am saying is That the Cities are Forging the way into the 21st Century and we have NO USE for your Life style or your Antiquated Nonsense and Over Exaggerated Virtue
Nikomuro 1 year ago
If that's not a prototypical Trump voter....He's even got the stupid, slack jawed, inbred look.
Moogusida 1 year ago
I will see any doctor as well
Dizilkree 1 year ago
Trump had what to do with WW2?
Voodoozil 1 year ago
Yea big evil oil making almost a 5% profit on their sales.
Akinojinn 1 year ago
It was their turn. Now theyre doing it to somebody else.
Mazujind 11 months ago
Trump is WAY more dictatorial than most other presidents.
Meztizahn 11 months ago
Maybe all-knowing, but maybe not all-happy and certainly not all-confident?

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