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Akinora 1 year ago
You mean our Afghanistan War partners?
Nazilkree 1 year ago
Im easy like Sunday morning but have no tattoos.
Faekora 1 year ago
I also know that it depends on where you?re coming from as to whether ones arrival is considered criminal, and again, it?s been the bigot?s cry against refugees as long as there have been refugees.
Maukazahn 1 year ago
??? Are we going to have a "makeup" shaming Thread now?
Shatilar 1 year ago
Block his number. peel the petals off the flowers and send them back. Return the letters unopened.
Goltitaxe 1 year ago
S t r e t c h for that point.
Kazrabei 1 year ago
hmm..I am so happy.. dear
Akinolkree 1 year ago
Yes, top-quality meats and such would be more expensive.
Gabar 1 year ago
Hey Sly, what's new and wonderful?
Voodoomi 1 year ago
You need to actually read the brief
Daijind 1 year ago
and i bet they will beg us... you know the US of A..... to bail thier idiot ass's out again..... for the 3rd time.....
Akinris 1 year ago
That is the story of 'Jepethah', which proves that the Israelite god approved of human sacrifice!
Samujora 1 year ago
As a social species, judging is what helps us avoid people who may not have our best interest at heart.
Faehn 11 months ago
Because Gods divine son came onto earth and died by Crucifixion under the order of roman prefect Pontius Pilate under the roman emperor Tiberius and then three days later they found that the tomb was empty, and then the risen Jesus appeared to his followers. Amen
Kizahn 11 months ago
You didn't have trouble figuring out what I was asking about before, please don't start now. Do you consider our detaining children like this a problem? As a response to illegal immigration, of course.
Shabei 11 months ago
Ok, time to be controversial: I think that having a pattern where you only lead or only follow is cause for concern. It's more prevalent in people with sexist ideas, but also can exist in people who basically take their ideas about role-reversal too far.
Febei 11 months ago
There were hundreds of people who witnessed the resurrected Christ. Any proof I could give though would be quickly shot down by the vocal and often incorrect voices of the legions of psuedo-intellectuals that seem to inhabit this forum.
Shakar 11 months ago
I haven't the faintest idea what you mean.
Malajora 11 months ago
me and my wife don't split finances, it's not the way I handle a partner in a relation, she doesn't waste the money without telling me or something, we fight a lot when she wants to buy something I disagree with, but she won't like buy something behind my back.
Zulkibei 11 months ago
The vetting from some of these countries is garbage.
Gardagul 10 months ago
What is that conduct, that is incompatible with your faith? Being a person of no faith, I have to ask these things.
Kazikus 10 months ago
So how about actually addressing the OP?
Mikara 10 months ago
We could be given knowledge/information from God (Divine Revelation) revealed to us that we did not actually discover by ourselves by normal natural abilities ... for example.
Manos 10 months ago
Possibly... I don't see Trump as much of anything religiously speaking - he's probably playing chameleon in order to match his own colors to those of potential supporters...
Togor 9 months ago
Throwing it back was >=)
Arashim 9 months ago
Read His Word. Be sincere. He knows if you are.
Garan 9 months ago
That would be a problem with belief systems, eh?
Goltishicage 9 months ago
Submitting yourself for asylmn isn't a crime. And we do look like Nazis when we separate children like this, it serves no purpose other than to terrorize them, and appeal to the extremist racist republican base. Also, if you are a Trump supporter than you are supporting the Neo-nazis in this country, they love him. So your your point is kind of hypocritical, it isn't like the Trump cult has nay problems with the people my Grandfather shot at.

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