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"True, I just think Christianophobia expresses it better."

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Plus you have heard stories about him. jaise ki maine nind ki dawai di thi to use nind ka asar tha wo meri taraf peeth kar ke so gai aur shayad use ye bhi dhyan nahi tha dipdos wo nangi hi hai aur meri taraf ab uski gand thi wo pair mod ke soi hui thi …. I and Lisa have been friends since High School we went to different schools but we rode the bus together, and we hung out with the same people and had many wild likess crazy times, but that's another story.

Make-up room sex breaks out between some pornstars

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Malale 1 year ago
I take it that means you understand there is no "law" that Obama created.
Gardagul 1 year ago
Because nothing comes from nothing!
Dojora 1 year ago
True enough. Yet exclusive and secretive religions have an interesting habit of revising their membership policies when they see the chance to step from the social margins into the mainstream. Christianity admitted women and slaves to its ranks, but at the same time, it subjected all its new members to a rigorous catechism process, and any post-baptism sin was grounds for permanent excommunication. Constantine was aware of this, which was probably the main reason he put off baptism until his death - he needed to get all his sinning out of the way first!
Shakahn 1 year ago
Again, a keyboard is not a self replicating organic organism.
Faum 1 year ago
Unlike ESP, the jury is still out.
Bajar 1 year ago
i think its a woman in the suit.. look at the azz
Maut 1 year ago
No, it ends when it infringes on someone else's rights. The right to swing my arm ends at your nose, so to speak.
Malabar 1 year ago
Catholic and Christian are NOT synonymous.
Gardazil 1 year ago
Roulette okay cool beans I will try ??
Karn 1 year ago
Oops. Just linking for another thread. Will start one on Her. But as a hint I can give you "the Bride and the Lam" This is also part and parcel of the second coming which you bravely took on. So you have to carry the consequences. But don't worry. God's "consequences" are all "Lovely".
Shakat 1 year ago
"more controls leads to more freedom" Prove it. What examples do you have.
JoJorisar 1 year ago
Because making theories based on observation is the essence of science. There are many theories about how the universe came into being.
Kajikasa 11 months ago
Well, if it sounds a bit to supernatural then it likely is. Virgin birth, water to wine, rib to person, parting of seas and rising from the dead can't really happen. So it's made up or these events actually occurred and were misinterprited. I lean towards parts of AAT .
Tejas 11 months ago
"Traditional wedding" is a retronym, like acoustic guitar or landline telephone. It is a term that the anti-LGBT have created to distinguish the "original" male-female marriage from "newer" same-sex marriage. But just as the landlines in use now differ greatly from those invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the "traditional" marriages of today may not be that traditional.
Magrel 11 months ago
So he came 2000 years ago to one geographic location, before wide spread literacy, before books, to save the world, if only people believe some shit.

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