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" Candy called over her shoulder, not bothering to wait for an answer as she walked away quickly, her tight polyester dress making a swishing sound to announce her passing as she made her way to the elevator and stepped inside, pushing the now rarely used button that would take her down to Gayle's lab.

She smiled and said "My pussy is ready for that thick cock. She is saying stop but Ted isn't listening, he starts to watfh her, but slow the faster and faster.

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Doujas 1 year ago
It's 6000 years old, you heathen! ;)
Sakora 1 year ago
Fair enough. Id still rather take my chances with a knife. And it's still nowhere on the level of the US.
Vutaur 1 year ago
She spent 300 and has no pictures.
Kazahn 1 year ago
The man is profiting from a charity. It is making him wealthy. Others give their money not him. He is using religion to enrich himself. I doubt he believes any of it.
Shak 1 year ago
What worldview and socio political phenomena?
Zoloshicage 1 year ago
Yes, I read your whole post. But it was just the standard stuff. How do I put this? If you don't have a little doubt of your own about the contemporary origins myth, then I just know from experience nothing I say is going to register. So it's really not you per se, just that I've been through this enough times already and want to avoid the insanity of doing the same thing but expecting a different result.
Gum 1 year ago
You are one hard-hearted.... well, you can finish that however you like (Christian?), as I know you have the power to ban me on a whim. And you will. Yes, TFCC, I must tread lightly around you, and I know it. :(
Malataxe 1 year ago
I'm so far up the creek there's no boat anymore...
Dorr 1 year ago
"I'm not reading 167 pages from an author I've read before and know how
Shakarisar 1 year ago
One can sincerly believe, and not be a liar. I think Muslims sincerely believe that Mohammed was a prophet of God. I simply dont' share their belief.
JoJom 1 year ago
Spoken like a knee-jerk who's never read the Bible...
Kalar 1 year ago
Thank you for your thoughts, TS. How has your jouney gone so far?
Vogal 1 year ago
Thanks for giving this so much thought, Ella. It appears to me that hate is in itself is a tribal rival. People who hate seem to do it like its a national sport! Some of the trolls I have talked to on disqus have been so brutal. Ive had to block about 4 or 5 of them. I just dont have time for negative people.
Malam 1 year ago
When the conservatives get grumpy on disqus I say the government should bring back icefloe healthcare for the +65s to save money.
Dozshura 1 year ago
A thing that I just thought of.
Sami 1 year ago
It makes for a great theological teaching which is fine but the literary content reveles the fictional nature of this story.
JoJotaxe 1 year ago
I can see why.
Nezshura 1 year ago
Didn't say you were bragging. Just living in your brietbart fantasy land. Learn to read to look up words if you don't know thier meaning.
Daigis 1 year ago
No, A work called The Course in Miracles gives another view. Basically all say this world isn?t the real world; it is a world of illusion resulting from the thought of separation from our Ground of Being. More like a nightmare we need awaken from.
Brarn 1 year ago
Aww look at Milo trying to be people.
Tejora 1 year ago
Once more I have to ask: is posting the unhinged rantings of lunatics really Breaking News?
Najora 1 year ago
If you have something to say, state it clearly.
Zukinos 11 months ago
Good point. Maybe I need to rethink things...LOL. I'm missing out on some coin.
Zulura 11 months ago
To be fair claiming that Merry Christmas is microaggression is compounded stupidity, but it is along the same lines as thinking that Happy Holidays is a conspiracy to destroy Christmas in the first place.
Moktilar 11 months ago
Kate went to a good school, where she met William and her family is considered respectable. She's actually 15th cousin to her husband. Inbred and all,??

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