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""Yeah see, that particular example doesn't strike me as particularly"

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My mind numb from the fighting and spinning with thoughts of her. Boxers or nothing. Before I knew it a larger piece had fallen onto my tongue and as I had to chew hnging mouth felt like a toilet.

I was now being treated to the spectacular view of Becky almost naked, standing in front of me with her voluptuous breasts on show.

She feels her arm being pulled down hard and fast towards the bed. " Victor repeated, giving her a sad smile when she opened her eyes, "I can save you butbut I have to make cloothes like meII have to make you a monster" "Not a monsterII love you" She whispered weakly, he knew she was near the end.

oh……. Your cock is so good to me, I would wait forever for your cock to fuck me. I wanted to put it to her, but never found the right time.

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Vudoramar 9 months ago
You forgot the closed quote
Vim 9 months ago
Diane Watters said it's alright to do this !!
Kem 8 months ago
I'm not talking about pray-away-the-gay. I'm talking about a pastor giving appalling advice to a kid.
Meztisho 8 months ago
Are you suggesting that everyone who seeks therapy to address unwanted same sex attractions are only doing so because they feel coerced?
Gacage 8 months ago
I think it depends. In this situation if all of the above didn?t work at getting him conscious, I?d also have called the medical staff. Particularly if I know they don?t normally sleep. If it?s a habitual offender, I?d just send him to ISS.
Kazrataur 8 months ago
Obviously, you just proved my point, you logically sais that 'gravity and physics' make the world go round. Perhaps, you don't understand what logic is, it is logical to presume this, since, you said a very logical thing and yet, say it's not.
Tomuro 7 months ago
What about rape or health issues for the mother? Again it not always that cut and dry.
JoJolar 7 months ago
Nintendo 64 -- Super Mario, Banjo-Kazooie...Yoshi's Island! Video game tournamentsss. yesss.
Dar 7 months ago
"Come to think of it, you fit into Christianity perfectly."
Jujas 7 months ago
Paul had an experience that apparently converted him on the spot and he had hated Christians and Christianity. Why would a god do that for him but not everyone else? Jesus even showed his open wounds to Thomas who doubted the resurrection. Yet the rest of us have to take the words of men on faith? No thanks.

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