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"I?m not gonna deny, I do check in to see if people have replied"

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He slapped my arse and I pretended to orgasm. I remembered the director of the clinic had said if I began to ovulate this might happen.

Madison gets her tight hole fucked by step brother

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Meztisho 11 months ago
You can see the leaves moving.
Meztisho 11 months ago
There's something some Christian organizations support called gay conversion therapy. It's really nasty to experience. Electric shock therapy is what I was referring to.
Gujar 11 months ago
Grown men acting like children, that's who runs Iran.
Tagore 10 months ago
Well like this famous quote from Dr. Philip R. Davies mentions: "the rather fragile historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth should be tested to see what weight it can bear? but a recognition that his existence is not entirely certain would nudge Jesus scholarship towards academic respectability."
Vikasa 10 months ago
Buuuuuuuurp uh huh :-)))
Dale 10 months ago
Not every Mod here is as negatively mentally impacted by religion as the mod I am sure you are noticing.
Bazahn 10 months ago
This is a perfect take down of the post. Thanks!
Yozshunris 10 months ago
I see your doing it again. You bring nothing to table.
Maujora 9 months ago
Well, come and get us!
Kajicage 9 months ago
I do not consider "self-evident" to be substantive enough proof to shift the onus. Sorry.
Nikojinn 9 months ago
What guy? Who's some?
Meztishicage 9 months ago
Demonizing people who disagree with you is ineffective and childish. If you hold your beliefs because you believe they are what's best for the country, then I must respect that, even if I don't agree. But if you hold your belief because it's what's best for YOU, regardless of what it may do to others, then you are corrupt. I believe that there are a lot of people, liberal and conservative, that only care about power, and don't care at all about others. That's why I refuse to say LIBERALS are bad or CONSERVATIVES are bad. I'm absolutely sure that there are corrupt individuals on both sides, and I know that these corrupt people LOVE to pit us against each other. In fact, it is a well-known tactic used by political parties; to ramp up hatred and outrage against their opponents as much as possible so they can win the next election! Most politicians have the moral compass of an alligator.
Shataur 8 months ago
I have read it. What are you suggesting?
Akisida 8 months ago
The Passover event described in Exodus is fiction and a stupid one at that. Such an event would have left its mark on history. Yet the Egyptians have no knowledge of this or the Israelites ever even being in Egypt. Because they weren't. Even my RSV Study Bible makes the case that the Jews were just part of the local culture and never went anywhere. I am Jewish and I think I know more about my ancestors than you do. "Archaeological data have now definitely confirmed that the Empire of David and Solomon never existed."Biblical Archaeological Revue 31, no. 1 (January/February 2005): 16-17. Even your own Christian publications say that you are wrong. Because you are. Archaeologists can tell us a lot about the hunter gatherers who, 30,000 years ago lived in the desert where the Israelites supposedly were but no one has ever found a trace of of the Israelies from supposedly just 3000 years ago. None of the major characters in the Bible from Adam to Jesus ever existed. Sorry you fell for the most cruel but obvious hoax in all of history. Christianity is the worst human tragedy ever.
Shakagrel 8 months ago
Block lettering works wonders.
Niran 8 months ago
Yeah but sharing information's the key to understanding. Maybe i'm wrong in the understanding of this idea as a whole, but the idea itself could get some understanding going and really i put so much thought into i wanted to hear some feedback
Shakat 8 months ago
I'll need pics to analyze the situation, but I'm sure your fine! lol
Tur 8 months ago
Actually, that's not the right number to look at. What should be taken into account is costs vs benefits. Either:
Guzshura 7 months ago
They all have the same characters in their books. They are remarkably similar.
Grokora 7 months ago
It's hard to believe a job where you lock up poor migrants in concentration camps and separate them from their children, some likely never to be seen again, would be the sort of job to attract hateful, psychopathic, racist bullies.
Akir 7 months ago
When it comes to Bill and Monica there was no rape involved. Just cheating.
Babei 7 months ago
The facts are quite different for my community, which is the black community. Our medium family income is much lower then the figures you gave. MUCH MUCH LOWER. The unemployment rate for our young men with a high school education, is not calculable. Some say its as high as 40%.
Bataxe 6 months ago
Goverment crowd funding also known as taxes...
Balkis 6 months ago
Sheesh, the Globe used to be a sensible, respectable newspaper. Now they're about as left wing as the Star. Hard to tell the difference.
Karn 6 months ago
If it can't be observed and tested, is it really happening?
Malkis 6 months ago
Yet you ardently defend Christian based bigotry against gay people.
Doutaxe 5 months ago
Eman. Dare I ask how the ?deep sea? existed on a formless Earth.

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