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"That's precious. Bless your heart."

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" "Remember that. Kevin pinched both my nipples.

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aur yaha par ek twist aya meri sis ki shadi ke 5 day pehle mere ek aur relative ke ghar shaadi thi par wo shaadi indore me thi …… is karan hum log us shaadi me nahi ja sakte the… aur wo hamare relative the isliye hum unhe pehle se hi jante the… unka ek ladka tha.

David pulled his limp dick out of my asshole. She kissed me deep and passionatelyand I started to cum along with her.

"We've read your diary, Jamie, we know all your secrets. All I could think about was Barbara, my first lover, who was watching me now just as she had watched me from her window as a young teen.

Put his white Nike hat on and went up stairs. I felt so pathetic and nervous, hoping and dreading at the same time that he might drop a huge turd on my tongue at any second. I tilted my head to the side and looked questioningly at them and they kindly switched to english, I was told my breast were heavy and good for nursing babies and my hips were broad good for delivering of many sons but then they said I was prized because I still retained my virginity.

I was a little scared at first. He then brushed my hair aside exposing my upper back.

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Voodoozuru 1 year ago
oy vey. You're running away from Charles Darwin. Don't muddy the already muddy waters with generic stupidity, please.
Dutaxe 1 year ago
I merely claim that the gods I honor are right
Tak 1 year ago
I'd just like to say that love can be the most amazing, fullfilling and spiritually enlightening experience a person can feel. I have just hit 12 years with my hubby, and it's still getting stronger and more interesting every day. Don't give up after a bad experience guys. You won't regret trying it once you get the right one.
Zuluzil 1 year ago
With the present state of Christian apostasy and heresy, it really matters little who is in charge, so to speak. Men generally are certain that they need the approval of other "gifted" men to act on what God speaks to them, and unless approved and supported by the "system" that is in place, you will not be received.
Faejas 1 year ago
I guess to you, welfare and entitlements don't suck. Free education is available to all Americans. No one is forced to use drugs, become a single parent or commit crimes. Take responsibility for your own well being. Don't be a lazy dumbass.
Vudogami 1 year ago
Having rules against wearing nothing in public is not a form of oppression it is just a law which exists by the agreement of the population. The domestic oppression of women in the Moslem home is a domestic matter that needs addressing not ignoring or accepting.
Faujora 1 year ago
If we are naturally averse that is a strong indication that it is WRONG. Those that cause pain and suffering are WRONG. No one needs a God to know that! It is obvious simply by observing it's result.
Maugal 1 year ago
Impatience at the "process that is "manifestating" here". This is the thread on Jesus is already here. And some see Him and some don't. Why is that? Why do some have Patience with this and you do not have. Don't you think Patience is a worthy Characteristic to have? Same as Joy, Love, Peace, Grace, Selfcontrol, Longsuffering, Wisdom, Glory etc.
Nikosida 1 year ago
Your posts are magnitudes dumber today than they normally are. Skip your meds?
Zulugar 1 year ago
Deep calls to deep Psalm 42:7
Mera 1 year ago
To have an opinion is way beyond my pay-grade, Hermit, but it's all just so damned exciting!
Tehn 1 year ago
That's quite the surreal comment. It doesn't rrach the same level of absurdity as the original, but sequels often disappoint.
Fekazahn 1 year ago
Revelation chapter 5:
Zolorg 1 year ago
The Canadian judicial stance is you can't weaponize your opinion to attack and stigmatize others.
Yozshuktilar 11 months ago
Pitbulls are a banned breed here.

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