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698 10:431 year ago

"I will because we are. You can keep in line and follow orders. Keep reporting those bigfoot sightings and UFO and all those Catholic church taking over the world conspiracies."

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The white boys back home were correct. It tasted so good, it felt so large in my dovver compared to my tiny white boy cock and as I sucked my mind wandered to what Master had in store for me.

He took her ass and pulled it into him and thrusting deep.

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One that went right through the center of my clit. Her tits standing proudly with the strength of teenage muscle and skin. This was wonderful news. I could feel my ballls bouncing against her ass as the tip of my cock bumped against her cervix.

" He chuckled softly, bringing a bright smile to her face; a smile he thought was as wonderful as its owner. This would be my Master, my Sir, lover and friend. Relief washed over both of us. Victor please say something!" "GayleIMy God you're gorgeous!" "Really?" She replied, her eyes sparkling with joy as a wide smile crossed her lips, refusing to leave her blushing face even as he stepped forward and swept her off her still booted feet.

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Meztigami 1 year ago
No I don?t have a ?problem? with reading secular, Jewish, Protestant, or atheist sources. In fact, I have no idea who ?produced? much of the evidence that I provided. And I know plenty o things about the ?concept of what an Atheist is or what it means?. I used to be one! Well I was ?agnostic? of you want to get technical. Through seven years of study I went on a mission to figure it all out. I CHALLENGED my belief and discovered a CRAP TON of evidence for the case for Christ. So if you bother to take the time to go through that PowerPoint, you?ll see all of your ?secular non-biased? sources, many peer-reviewed, cited throughout the overview.
Kigaktilar 1 year ago
Good point. If he don't, he'd have to sit.
Mujas 1 year ago
LOL - yes.
Sagami 1 year ago
In 2012 the religious right republicans added a plank to the state platform that called for an end to teaching critical thinking skills to public school kids. Their rationale? If kids are taught how to think critically, they won't automatically believe the crap their parents tell them.
Mirisar 1 year ago
Geopolitical control. The forces on both sides happened to be religious. Most of humanity is in fact 'religious' by some definition.
Moshura 1 year ago
Of course not; here's why it does not bother me, particularly.
Yogore 1 year ago
Thank you, and no problem. I was really getting tired of the "what ifs". There is no what ifs. PP has to report where every single dollar goes and Congress made the law very clear. PP does NOT and has NOT ever used tax payer money for abortions to low income women. Period. End of story. The facts are there, if someone chooses to ignore it, that is on them. But they will not continue spreading that falsehood here.
Shakadal 1 year ago
There aren't any.
Daigrel 1 year ago
Probably as good as yours, which has never seen daylight. Still waiting to hear the "POP"
Shakakora 1 year ago
Annette believes in YESHUA!! That?s why! She has a relationship with YHVH, you don?t. Stop posting to me if my opinion doesn?t matter. Thanks!
Nilar 11 months ago
Setting fire to the family pet dog, for starters.
Vudosida 11 months ago
I know what it means and am comfortable with myself and women standing up for equality.
Zologrel 11 months ago
In 6.5 years, it will be 9-0
Yoktilar 11 months ago
actually I think funerals are good for this too
Zushura 10 months ago
No, chick, they are not. "Leftist" has long been a term of art and tends to suggest a connection with radicals with a nihilist bent. So, no.. .
Zujora 10 months ago
Iran had numerous sites known to be enriching beyond peaceful use. One such site was a military installation which the government denied access by inspectors (without jumping through outlandish hoops that could be stonewalled). NK only had the one known site for enriching weapons-grade and it's buried. As of right now, unless you know this site was enriching beyond peaceful use, even the watchdogs say there is no cause for all this hysteria over infrastructure upgrades.
Barisar 10 months ago
It's like saying, "hey, I'm a pig, I don't even clean for guests, what do you think about living with me?"
Nill 9 months ago
Or in other words...
Faurn 9 months ago
i wouldnt kick her out of bed, the room, the house, the city, the state, the country....
Mazukasa 9 months ago
You didn't drink that?
Doumi 9 months ago
I would call it a non specific apology because I haven't done anything personally but am sorry she feels badly. This is forum, we are all having a discussion. Every once a while we have discussion where someone based on their own personal experiences in more sensitive to that discussion. It happens.
Turan 9 months ago
Not to mention horrible salaries for the people entrusted to educate and monitor our youth for roughly 8 hours a day for 9 months of the year. Schools in disrepair. Textbooks old as hell. Etc, etc...

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