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"Because your foundational understanding of why it is wrong to drown babies is based on Juedo Christian values. Without them you would have a very different concept of right and wrong."

Michelle and Daria, naughty bitches!

One guy proceeded to bury his face in her pussy while the other two each latched onto a nipple. yuck…. "Come on, go home change into your cute teddy bear costume and we'll see you at The Regency at eightand relax ok.

He stood behind Natalie, and reached around to her firm c-cup breasts, feeling them, and leaned against her, his face against her soft blonde hair. Her orgasm forming, the moans the back arching her cuffs pulling tight against the bar holding her in place and making her suffer.

" I growled. SPANK. "Oh thanks dear and I will do my utmost to make you happy; I will have a few drinks at the reception; then anything might happen". I give your balls a little more attention before taking your hard cock into my mouth. Soon it thrust in so painfully I almost cried and had to push him out of of me.

He pulls the camera away, and lays down next to you, his head next to yours. I looked down at her, her nose continuously rubbing the hair running up my stomach which usually always tickled her.

" "Almost a deal," he said. I moved along with the river of soldiers, all of us flowing to baggage onn, all of us looking in the waiting crowd for that one Sittinb we have been urging to see, maybe a mother, a father, child, or friend, for me cick was my wife, Kimmie.

Realizing you must be more tired that you thought. Smell my finger then lick it clean" You hear a couple of sniffs then a sucking sound, you assume that sound is her sucking his finger, and she stops sucking it and says, "oh my she smells excited and tastes so good.

Sliding up and down her thighs passing her lips and sending out a vibe as his tongue licks her clit and she shudders against her lover, as he does his one job pleasure.

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Tejas 1 year ago
No, you misunderstand. Forcing a woman to go through a pregnancy is forcing her to use her own body to support another person against her will. It has nothing to do with whether or not she was raped. It has everything to do with the fact that she has bodily autonomy, and cannot be forced to be used as an incubator against her will.
Kazrara 1 year ago
Do azzwipes make you cough Bro ????
Gasho 1 year ago
I was an orthodox Monsterist, but I had to leave my sect due to a crippling gluten allergy. I am now a Carbonairian who focus more on the meatball aspect of the creator. We reach for high protein enlightenment. We also believe that rice, corn or quinoa noodles are acceptable forms of pasta.
Dir 1 year ago
I sorta agree, even as a fairly conservative parent.
Mikajora 1 year ago
that seems like a round about way of name calling.
Goltile 1 year ago
Something I haven't heard for a long time:
Vudojar 1 year ago
My understanding is Trump has a comfortable way of playing footsie with American white-nationalists. He understands they are an important part of his base, and won't antagonize them.
Sajar 1 year ago
Well, not sure if you've seen my criticism of Karen Armstrong at this channel
Jushicage 1 year ago
Evening, jew. I was talking to GP. Don?t you have a wall to wail at or something?
Yojin 1 year ago
Wrong, as usual Rev.
Arashigor 1 year ago
Uh huh. And I'm a prince of Nigeria.
Grolmaran 1 year ago
LOL Does he have bad breath? Where did all those people go?
Goltikazahn 1 year ago
Here we go with the GOTCHA! brand of reporting and word twisting again, that caused Harper to cut the MSM off. Let's see if they learned anything.
Meztigami 1 year ago
Overall, I only have two people blocked, neither of which is a moderator nor worth my valuable time. I know snarky.
Arale 1 year ago
Which the Catholic Church had to semi deny saying her birth was the result of an immaculent conception. I guess Gabriel was having a mother and daughter thing, dirty old man, sorry angel.
Mikatilar 1 year ago
Why do you think I want to convince Muslims of anything?
Mazura 1 year ago
Actually, they believe things which directly contradict the Bible, so...Draw you own conclusions.
Yotaxe 1 year ago
So now Labron and Curry think they speak for everyone else?
Tejinn 11 months ago
Hitler's church was Germany.....he did pretty well.
Meztir 11 months ago
Neither does utterly ignoring the problems in the narrative.
Vukazahn 11 months ago
Lol swamp demon
Fenrigal 11 months ago
Btw; did I ever alter my belief in order to ? be kind to certain people?? Absolutely not. Ann and I went round in circles over this! Now, do I believe in Christianity?

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