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"This just proves you got it all wrong and you have actually no clue what atheism is all about. Or, more likely, you lack any solid argument for intelligent conversation."

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She was smiling smugly at me. With victory now assured I decided I didn't have to do anything else.

Her movements were getting a little more intense now. Until I came across the man I am going to call 'Master' for story maturf. The male sucking on her was on all fours and his ass was entered by the other reptilian male. He collected the typed papers at the beginning of class, and then lectured, paying attention to Natalie, and the apparent lack of panties, which he could see when she spread her legs just for him, giving him a knowing glance.

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He climbed back down into the pillows Verry wrapped her him his arms, falling asleep. He wanted to leave, but this woman hadn't said he wouldn't get the job, so if there was any chance of matuee a position this was it.

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Akinojind 1 year ago
(It's) silly & childish, because otherwise your avatar is silly...
Malashura 1 year ago
You are funny. I provided you the direct quote of what he said. I showed you how create and invent are synonyms so using one or the other is irrelevant.
Vigore 1 year ago
"...puff-piece by the FFRF" along with most of your rant sounds anti-atheist to me. You complained about substance, and I see no substance to
Sajinn 1 year ago
Business is my forte. I have a few college degrees in the field and years of experience. Your frame of reference is obviously, right wing rhetoric. In other words, ignorance and stupidity. McDonald's has a strategy that allows them to stay open. You would never understand the word strategy, because your strategy is just to pay nothing to the workers and blame them for being poor. I'll ask again WHAT IS WRONG WITH PAYING A LIVING WAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE?
Ditaur 1 year ago
So, Popper said there is no theory at the moment but it can possibly be formulated avoiding tautology.
Kazragul 1 year ago
I was sticking to the topic. Religion was blamed for laws against homosexuals. I have shown a great number of people that are in no way religious that want these laws. Bias against homosexuals is far greater than any that are just religious.
Male 1 year ago
While "moral" and "legal" may not have the exact same meaning, there are similarities between the two.
Akinolabar 1 year ago
Yeah I know. But you are obviously intent on remaining at anchor in the bay.
Feramar 1 year ago
I find life implausible, but the overwhelming evidence of its existence militates against the implausibility. Now, spare us your dishonest strawman.
Mikacage 1 year ago
Pictures don't lie.
Mazukazahn 1 year ago
Evolution, as a natural machination and part of nature itself, accomplishes its main goal very well - to ensure survival of a species by allowing it to adapt to its environment to the best of its ability. The rest it leaves up to other forces of nature creating and shaping the environment itself.
Jura 11 months ago
Boris' envy of a character he insists is imaginary is really quite spectacular. It's like he fell out of a Greek Myth.
Zulkisho 11 months ago
I respect the right of consenting adults to choose foolish unions in America.
Samugis 11 months ago
And how do my conversational skills impair your ability to explain what you are talking about?
Kagamuro 11 months ago
200 Billion in tariffs coming for China...this is another half assed BS story
Tygojas 11 months ago
On Yelp, the Red Hen dropped from 4 1/2 stars to 1 1/2 stars.
Zoloran 10 months ago
No, my original question was WHY you believed that this particular book was such a magnificent piece of scholarship that it "sets the record straight" while the other books on the subject were full of "political myths". Those were YOUR words in YOUR OP. If it's just something you copied and pasted (and I'm now quite sure that it is), then yes, I don't care for how you've phrased your OP. Its intellectually dishonest to make such conclusive statements about a book you almost certainly haven't yet read.
Marn 10 months ago
That could come any day now. You know lightning can strike even if you don't see clouds. It can travel something like 10 miles from any cloud and doesn't even need a cloud for it to happen.
Faejas 10 months ago
So...what's the idea here, she conspired to steal data from fellow Democrats and then cover it up by conspicuously taking too long to fire the IT guy who stole it? What was the plan for the data?
Fektilar 10 months ago
Over the past two thousand years, especially over the past 400, Christians have been teaching the golden rule and other messages of love to maybe a billion people, as the dominate religion of western culture. Who else was teaching that message? Show me some proof the Egyptians were teaching that, or the Persians, Romans. Any evidence that atheists were teaching that through history? And by "teaching" I do not mean some obscure writing that nobody was reading or had access to. Do you appreciate Christians for teaching the golden rule to like a billion people including undoubtedly your own ancestors?
Tejora 10 months ago
Religion came first, right?
Ganos 10 months ago
I'm talking more about people who risk getting their electricity shut off or evicted to waste money on things they can't afford. If you can afford it, far be it from me to tell you what to spend it on. I agree that you should enjoy life while you can.
Dourr 9 months ago
A blank canvas has form and it is not void
Zulkirisar 9 months ago
It was Israel fault. Why Israel changed the venue from Haifa to Jerusalem ?
Voodootilar 9 months ago
Perhaps you should consider that you see what you want to see. I reprimand as many Atheists as Christians in any given day, and if you look at the resolution channel you will see that just as many Atheists claim that we play favorites with the believers. There are plenty of Christians voicing their opinions on some of the other OP's.
Meztitilar 9 months ago
Lmao. Here ya go Spin master
Gardajora 9 months ago
True. So true, the burden of proof of citizenship is killing. Not fair at all.
Voshura 9 months ago
When the "topic" is something you wrote yourself, and the "discussion" devolves into people posting old, tired, unfunny memes, you don't have much going for your channel. Even as I find myself increasingly at odds with the *contemporary* left, I still like to engage in worthwhile discussion with those who lean further left than my mostly-centrist self does...but LHN makes it near impossible for that. Other places (like The Atlantic) tend be a bit more welcoming to a wider range of viewpoints, and the discussions tend to be exactly that....rather than memes and random incoherent swearing.
Tegor 9 months ago
LOL omg Yvonne! How hard did you run into it?! Goodness gracious. About to give yourself a concussion.
Mazugrel 9 months ago
...other than the qualities of being non-existent and having no qualities and having the quality of not having no qualities...I think my head's gonna explode in a puff of feathers!
Moogurisar 8 months ago
You know I actually sometimes prefer the wedding over the reception in some cases, as an introvert. I swooned over the romance of the ceremony, congratulated the bride and groom, then my husband and I went out for lunch. #winning
Juktilar 8 months ago
Your analogy of "unchanging" includes the word "unchanging." And you seriously still think that your definitions are reasonable?
Duramar 8 months ago
Like i said, I was worried the ruling the other day would convince other schmucks that they can discriminate however they feel.

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