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"Of what exactly?"

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Tum 10 months ago
Tuesdays. On Fridays I argue evolution is true! :-)
Arashirr 10 months ago
Wow, was there an adult in that "room"?
Kirr 9 months ago
When a cop gives you an order, you obey ...
Nazil 9 months ago
Anyone struggling through an unusually bad Monday? Not on a personal level or working through a hangover.
Virr 9 months ago
Like in a court of law, yeah...many suggestions of the truth off the facts presented. There's only one truth though. Its interpretation your side suggesting truth, with God evidence suggesting truth. You reject God by accepting another. It's how it works, intentionally...weeds out those that simply don't want God. It matters apparently to God, like us. We give our heart to Whom we choose and it matters. God too
Golrajas 9 months ago
Cops have a few good ones, too. I?ve heard several that include everything from wetsuits with cut-outs, glass coffee tables, trained birds, and bicycle chains strategically attached to yank under pressure.
Zulkilrajas 9 months ago
First you may want to distinguish
Dairan 9 months ago
I would like to speak with you about being a gay Christian I apologize for using this thread and forum to attempt to contact you, but I didn't see a Private message function here and you did publicly post that on this forum,
Voodook 8 months ago
Like the right to speak the words they want vs the words they dont want?
Vudolkree 8 months ago
Hey Panch... remember this?
Faell 8 months ago
Amen? That believing is a waste of time?
Tom 8 months ago
In others words I completely reject your statement.
Vule 7 months ago
Well, that's a large chunk of assumption for a comment consisting of three sentences.
Tojagrel 7 months ago
So you don't know what the technical concept of noise is, so therefore I'm an idiot to be dismissed. And you never came across anyone making such a claim, therefore it is dismissed. That's great, come to a debating site and dismiss anything you haven't heard before. lol!
Mazumi 7 months ago
Of course you can be both. Nobody gets to tell you if you're a true Christian or not. That's between you and God.
Vudomuro 7 months ago
They all exist. Especially the pasta based ones.
Yokasa 7 months ago
does obscure make it any less wrong?
Meztijora 7 months ago
As do others..... ??
Nerr 6 months ago
she's insane, the other day she asked me for help commit suicide during a fight, I worry about her to much to leave her, but staying with her is killing m,e XD
Mum 6 months ago
"Its just gotten off the rails," he said
Malashakar 6 months ago
The cake has no sexual orientation. The real question is, "what kind of wedding will this cake be used to celebrate?"
Mulkis 6 months ago
And I am refering to rhe ongoing litany from the right.
Kishicage 5 months ago
Women are guilty of this type of nonsense as well.
Kajin 5 months ago
It is kifey to begin with. When milk turns sour it is bad, when cream turns sour it is bad. But when sour cream turns sour... :-)
Yozshukasa 5 months ago
If you say so! Haha conservatives are so backwards! Whatever you're doing keep it up!
Moogutilar 5 months ago
Trump wants tariffs, seems a not dumb person could figure out the diametrically opposing position on there own without spoon feeding.
Dailkis 5 months ago
Well, coming up to me and asking me if I'll sleep with him - have a 1NS or whatever - is harassment from the word go. That's the kind of scenario I was imagining based on the Intro. Anything else - e.g. just getting into conversation with a woman in a bar, or on vacation etc - sounds like normal social interaction.
Daiktilar 5 months ago
Trump will be nominated as a saint by Fox News.
Duzahn 5 months ago
LOL. In this country, if I?d joined the public service thirty years ago, I?d probably be retired on an indexed $50K pa pension right now.
Tygogar 4 months ago
That's fine. Why not. I'm sure it'll be a boring evening without any of that happening. :-)
Molabar 4 months ago
Your logic is faulty, in my opinion. I have listened to it and responded to it. We can disagree civilly or you can say things like "I can't force you to actually think about it", which is an insult. If you cannot allow for the possibility that someone can listen to your point, consider it and still not agree with it then you're not really open to a discussion.
Zulkiran 4 months ago
Exactly the recent revision of the message. Actually, Smith was much more academic about it, but the basic message without modern language was there. But then it was 1899. I remember you Hebrew teacher explaining the afgomen, say it was to keep the kids at the table and not running off to play video games, in 1st Century BCE Alexandria.
Vunos 4 months ago
Nice try. You claimed quadratic equations only existed in a 1984 textbook. But somehow, you keep twisting it into me not understanding analogies and parables.
Donris 4 months ago
I also think this is a very open view taking into consideration the comment is coming from an "atheist" in relation to the concept of 'Creation'.

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