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"I would agree except that every time he lowers the bar and crosses the line there's no outcry from the GOP, just silence (except for a couple of decent voices). And we keep going down and down and getting worse and worse, and... nada."

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So what's the gag?" "My name is not David" "Oh knock it off. wo kuwari thi isliye use bahut dard hua wo nind me hone ke baad bhi orgzsm.

He overlooked her beautiful curves and perfect breasts. When he paused for breath I asked him how was I supposed to do that since I didn't know anything about sex. His cock was slick with her orgasm and juices, but the entire experience had worked wonders on him in a way he didn't even realize.

As his head entered my ass all I felt at first was pain it felt like I was going to split open after he got the first few inches he stopped and I knelt there on my hands and knees barely womaan to breath. as she started to bounce on my cock, I pushed back, getting deep with every stroke making her squeal.

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Vilkis 1 year ago
Well, in her case, it is and it isn't my business. It's partially my business, because she technically lives with me, therefore pays a bill or two. But she's grown, so...
Nijinn 1 year ago
Double-ended ones usually have one purpose, which I find inscrutable, by the way.
Vudomuro 1 year ago
You know what stops a doctor who gives a bad abortion? A doctor that gives good abortions. That's how it works right? ;)
Gardazuru 1 year ago
Hardly so. There are so many things about the narrative that have already been disproven:
Tazshura 1 year ago
If you Rightists would stop using your money to squeeze every last drop of life-force out of the American proletariat to satisfy your greedy needs we wouldn?t protest and funk shit up for you rich whites to clean up
Mikagore 1 year ago
I can understand some people voting for him for his policies (even though I seriously don't think his policies are that great and a lot of his ideas are just stupid), I can't believe that people like Kirby are pretending that he's somehow an honest or good person.
Nirr 1 year ago
That wasn't just koolaid
Zudal 1 year ago
Nope my belief is based ON faith and IN reason (aka evidence). I said what I meant to say.
Goltimuro 1 year ago
Immense suffering is a sacrifice
Zugal 1 year ago
You can't legislate away stupidity. If you could there would not be any drunk drivers in America. But more importantly, my constitutional rights are not rescindable or subject to restrictions because of how the stupid behave and act.
Mall 1 year ago
Aye. If you consider how complex even a single-celled organism is, the process is incredibly efficient.
Moogulabar 1 year ago
Doh. Mid first coffee.
Tugar 1 year ago
Kevin Smith first broached the subject in Clerks II
Teshakar 1 year ago
You're on a date, you're both thirsty, and the soda machine has only one cold Diet Coke left. What do you do and who gets it?
Bagul 1 year ago
What? What you emailed me? Good thing you edited! Tisk tisk!
Zulkiktilar 1 year ago
And as the entertainment is free, why not?
Tazragore 1 year ago
Buying the rights to intellectual property is a definite improvement over stealing it, no?
Zolor 1 year ago
I am not saying what you might conclude then were intended to be was right or wrong. My point at this time was you claimed you knew the mind of God. That is the sentence that claims that.
Arashigal 1 year ago
That's not what I asked. I asked how you'd feel.
Goltik 11 months ago
He never said that either...funny!
Ditaxe 11 months ago
I wonder if we have confirmation from someone who was there.
Mezizuru 11 months ago
Really? Do you need me to both chew and swallow for you? There are no metrics -- profession, location, education, travel, marriage/romance, etc where the rise of the bureaucratic regulatory state has not also simultaneously lead to massive increases in choices for the populace.
Gardazil 10 months ago
Even if they are 85 years old. Wal-Mart needs greeters!
Goltirisar 10 months ago
The bigher question is can a home ec teacher refuse to teach gay students how to bake a cake, if they know it's for a wedding?
Tojarg 10 months ago
She called it on the contract and initial fee so agreed more like a deposit and it covers the cost of her shooting but not the cost of any prints
Kazibei 10 months ago
It is also a FACT Obama was the FIRST president in US history to NEVER achieve a single year of 3% GDP growth!
Nigrel 10 months ago
Sure, it increases the wealth of the business owners more than it decreases the wealth of the workers that are affected, so overall it might be a good, but it is a negative for low skilled American workers.
Arashill 10 months ago
What is the difference here?
Dusar 9 months ago
Sound more like snorting pills and pixie sticks.
Vudotaxe 9 months ago
I am not making any claim that any God exists. I only am saying that science has never and will never say if any God is necessary or not.
Zolora 9 months ago
That is exactly why we don't ask it of you.

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