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"Maybe Santa Claus will bring you presents this year."

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But he could make it fit, he just had to push hard enough. " His cock didn't scare me as it wasn't nearly as big as Mr Saunders.

As I licked away he slowly pushed out a small lump of shit, no bigger than a piece of chocolate and I swallowed it without much chewing, it was so nasty. She swore silently, sure her phone was a goner, when it suddenly vanished before her eyes; she stared in stunned silence a moment before she turned to look at Victor and watched as he hit end on her phone and then slowly hold it out to her.

The only choice I have is to resort to begging. He held her down forcing his cock deep into her. He just kept going faster with long strokes taking it almost all the way out and shove it balls deep again I was grabbing hard onto the couch as he began to pound me as hard as he could slamming it in over and over I was moaning now each thrust driving another moan from my lips " that's it bitch you know you love it.

Jenny and Natalie shook hands. I had never seen her before and looking at her it was disappointing we have not met earlier. Her monstrous face now with that same amazed look that she had when she first beheld my naked body.

My hideous, yet beautiful lover climaxed as well, heaving her sore saddle off of the mattress and into my groin. It literally was the worst taste to ever fill my mouth yet all I wanted was more.

" Gayle stared a moment, not sure if he was teasing her or not, "UmahhhhMr. ya……. She just thrust back into his stiff shaft and he forced it deep into her. You are to stand down both your naval defenses and your planetary defenses if you plan to live.

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Yozshukus 8 months ago
Wait, if it's just chemicals reacting, why is the "well adjusted" ones kind and thoughtful and loving, where the "broken" ones do harm and unkind things?
Bam 8 months ago
I mean human life always more important
Mikasar 8 months ago
Yep, the RC problems started with the printing press. Just like the Christians problems have now started with the internet.
Voll 7 months ago
Oh, I see. You're creating a strawman, since he didn't say that.
Shakam 7 months ago
"Alright, let's talk science!"
Dar 7 months ago
I still remember being in a hairdressers once and two stylists were having a conversation about a customer refusing to cut her hair
Gardagul 7 months ago
Sound like friendly compliments to me.
Zulkizil 7 months ago
the virginity thing agreed. Its a very weird lie
Dogis 7 months ago
okay, before this escalates into another insult war that we don't give a shit about, nuking all sniping comments.
Jugal 7 months ago
Nobody is claiming we are special. Please snap out of this delusional bullshit. You honestly think that after all these years of being called every name in the book by you people my concern would be winning some popularity contest in your pointless political pageant?
Kishura 7 months ago
Read a Bible. Then get back to me about morals, OK?
Maulrajas 6 months ago
Diet coke is disgusting.
Zukora 6 months ago
You provided examples I didn't remember them, but that seems to be beside the point for some reason.
Morg 6 months ago
One more gem of fury and frustration for everyone:
Gardakazahn 6 months ago
Lol okay that's a bit better.

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