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"To be fair, Cons are automatically guilty until proven innocent. Also today, a PC candidate who is a TPS officer has been accused of sending threatening emails to people in the Tamil community. Naturally, after spending days telling us why various NDP candidates are great people and that the allegations against them are either false or of no consequence or relevance, Horwath (and Wynne) demands the immediate dismissal of this PC candidate. Funny how that is."

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I carried her down the hall and kicked her bedroom door open, the bed was made up so we could just jump right in so I tossed her on the bed and stood above her looking at my prize of war.

The characters are completely fictional and any similarities to any person or persons, living or dead, real or fictional, are completely coincidental. I pushed them together and massaged them as if I was getting horny from feeling myself up.

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How dare they do this arounf front of me, and then you think with some alarm, was this making you jealous. He had been mentally practicing the art of lovemaking for what seemed like an entire age, and his deepest fantasy of fucking a maiden elf with huge tits was now sxe to be taken away from him.

She pulsates into her man, she tries to press against him but her gently pushes her stomach back to the wall. Lisa was sitting on the floor in the corner of the room doing her hair and we made small chat.

I remembered the director of the clinic had said if I began to ovulate this might happen. "This you will enjoy: I am going to fuck her now; she will have a very loud orgasm; and will squirt qround she has never before".

For me, the sweet, mild, urine flavor of her intimate parts, the view of her moist, tight, opening, and the thoughts of her bulging eye staring at my asshole had me nearing my release. I was going to have to watch myself. "Welcome to our home, I'm Janet and Legxl guess you've already met David" she continued, "I know it's probably not as good as Lega expected but well, we like living here.

Her pale and smooth stomach, once so pristine and finely toned, was now hideously deformed and seemed almost to be bulging to the point of bursting. For any couple who find they have drifted into the illness of a sexless marriage; there is no better medicine than "Big Black Cock".

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Malanris 1 year ago
This is true. I get called a gender traitor for saying this but I think men are getting an unfair shake lately. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves. That means learning to say "no". Not expect someone to read our minds. If a man doesn't take "no" for an answer then you know who you are dealing with.
Yozshulabar 1 year ago
We can hope. Seems like she was owed one.
JoJozragore 1 year ago
Thanks Tex. My selfie at my nephew's wedding. The preacher told all of us to take one. Lol
Akiran 1 year ago
The forced migration of 11M people will never happen. Even at 114 a day it would take more years to deport them than our country has been an independent nation.,
Kagaktilar 1 year ago
No Spanish - merely failed attempts at writing in English.
Mikashura 1 year ago
You are a full time resident of crazy town. The IG found absolutely no evidence of political bias in the FBIs handling of the Clinton email investigation. Do you sincerely believe that comey announcing they were reopening the investigation a week before the election helped Clinton?
Nikorg 1 year ago
Do you also laugh at the fox "chuckleheads"?
Vubei 1 year ago
When you say "if one doesnt know much about Islamic doctrine" I guess you are implying you know much better then others? You know better then hundreds of millions that marry children, kill "infidels", kill apostates, .... even if they insist it is their Islam only true Islam?
Moogubei 1 year ago
The Bible existed before it was called 'the Bible', just as Amazing Grace was a hymn before it was published in a Hymn Book. And I so deliberately clarified that I was making a technically unwarranted generalization, is what is so amusing here, like it was some kind of reverse psychology with an obstinate child.
Shabar 1 year ago
Hahaha. Maybe I'll visit you in prison.
Nagrel 1 year ago
Some dude in Tennessee put up a sign (which he'd previously taken down before the SC baker case) that said "We don't serve gays" or something like that. Seems he also didn't read the ruling.
Nikomuro 1 year ago
Fair points mate as usual.

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