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"Well, it's a description of a fictional story, yes. Just pointing out that demons are fictional depictions of humanity's views of the less-popular traits in our characters and personalities."

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It was just tonight, and it just happened. I'm not joking. " She said. to dosto bataiye mera ye update aapko kaisa laga. Nicondrian swoop fighters came to greet them. oh….

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Grolmaran 9 months ago
Keep it to four then.
Fenrizragore 9 months ago
You don't see what Israel is doing as terrorizing Palestine?
Akishakar 9 months ago
Child genital mutilation needs to be banned everywhere.
Goltilrajas 9 months ago
America ?is being respected again??
Zuluran 9 months ago
Kanye has never been respected. He's always been full of himself and nobody should have ever treated him seriously before or after his support for the POTUS.
Mikajinn 8 months ago
Did you wear boots? What kind? Lace up or tie? What color? Details details... creeps like me need to know...
Metilar 8 months ago
There is a difference between teaching a religion and teaching about religion. As a historian, I realized early on that history is probably the only academic subject one cannot teach by doing. My other subject areas are usually taught by doing. Vocational education is taught by doing. Sciences also have a great deal of hands on learning. Even Languages have a lot of practice. But no one can do history. Because it isn?t history until the event is over and done and far enough in the past to know or least have a sure idea of impact. Which usually means at least 20 years of time passing. But that same 20 years can mean really dated information in other subjects especially as technology accelerates.
Migami 8 months ago
Historians also wrote what they believe happened down, that's how we get history. And non-christian historians also confirmed the existence of Jesus and some of the things that he did, as you would discover if you followed the link I left you.
Gukree 8 months ago
Thanks for your contribution.
Fet 8 months ago
You didn't. I repeat the question: Did you learn anything about statistical mechanics? I need to know it in order to decide starting from what point you need to be explained.
Zulull 8 months ago
>>"No, we don't know that."<<
Kakus 7 months ago
I would let T9R explain him/herself, but I saw it as a statement that if abortion is outlawed because of a new balance in the Supreme Court, we will return to the days of coat hanger and back alley illegal abortions which will cause deaths not only of the child but of the mother. Then I saw you questioning how he/she came to that conclusion.
Sashura 7 months ago
Very good question!! ???????
Kagul 7 months ago
Lol, that looks like a stuffed, staged one! What about ferrets, my sister had a couple, they're pretty fun?
Brashakar 7 months ago
Who knows anymore. This is crazy!
Meztishakar 7 months ago
Not sure I follow your comment. Yes, genome commonality between species correlates to the phylogenic classification which supports the theory of evolution. For example, looking at a specific gene and comparing its presence in other species correlates to the phylogenic distance as well. In other words the gene shows up more in species that are closer to humans that is does in species that are more distant evolutionarily. (
Kagaran 6 months ago
We all die, Hilarius. Maybe you haven't really come to grips with that little fact yet. 99% of the Bible deals with the post-death reality. If you remain in the fantasy that you're not going to die, you'll never begin to understand the Bible.
Mezitaxe 6 months ago
More opinion. But , define ?creationist?.
Mugal 6 months ago
Really, I don't think so. Paul even said that *he* thought it was best NOT to marry... I don't think he was mixing words in his letter.
Shakalabar 6 months ago
I would agree with the OP, overall. It's not about 'gun violence' as the only violence being expressed among our neighbors and citizens. It's about the violent natures of one's personal demons, perhaps, supported by those who have demons of their own.
Mezragore 6 months ago
Why do you need to lie about my faith ?... Is it because you want to monopolize all donations by lying that your book is the only truth - making GOD for SALE ?
Yozshukus 6 months ago
Old testament law, rituals are gone...replaced with love your neighbor (enemy included) and love God with all you have.
Kikus 5 months ago
That would be ideal.
Kazisida 5 months ago
Your demand for proof cannot be "proven". Godel demonstrated this. It is therefore a leap of faith. AND, one that you asserted, without proof, despite your claiming one needs proof before one can make any assertions.
Voodoolkis 5 months ago
Whatever that means.
Baramar 5 months ago
The upanishads of Hinduism state, "All is Brahman".
Dailrajas 4 months ago
I am not saying you are empty, I am saying the ultimate conclusion to nothing after brain death like Hitchens eluded to, Is there is no purpose in this life.

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