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363 14:059 months ago

"Well if that question doesn't win the award for most trollish, I dont know what will."

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She kept moaning louder and louder, I thought she was going to explode. She glared at the head of my dick with her bulging eye, and then, with saliva drooling from her lip, she opened her mouth wide, and put it over my cock until I felt it hit the back of her mouth.

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Ok, she was a little nerdy and didn't have the huge boobs that blonde bimbo Candy, the office manager, had; but she thought she was cute, maybe not pjcs, but cute for sure. " "You fucking bastard. my balls hlue already soaked. My heart was pounding as he moved behind me.

"At least he is interested; maybe, just maybe I can make this thing become a reality" he thought. the precum on his dick tasted great and slowly I worked more of his dick into my mouth after a minute or two I had about four inches in my mouth but Lee growing a pit impatient and grabbing the sides of my head again began to fuck my picz each thrust forcing more of his cock into my mouth.

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Mautaxe 9 months ago
"Neither atheism nor theism prescribe a particular set of morals"
Teran 9 months ago
Andrea can save Ontario from the Ford Family and their embarrasment.
Vor 8 months ago
It's just a confirmation of your own thought that "today's society has a view that nothing is valid unless 'science' is applied to it". Science and technology have many points speaking for them but ultimately it is a value judgement if you want to accept their superior role.
Shaktigar 8 months ago
TS - - - I don't "expect people to open my links". I don't expect people to even read my responses.
Kagakasa 8 months ago
lmao, the sole reason for that comment is FEAR. That's why heaven and hell were created by man
Voodoozuru 8 months ago
How about I put the onus on you to prove that they did. I seriously doubt they would. They are not famous for supporting women?s rights.
Kazrakus 8 months ago
I have followed many roads. And I am still doing things that "those Christians" am sending me to Hell for. But there is a Word that say that those that judge (sending others there) will be there. And those getting others out like I am doing now with you will be out too.
Yogal 7 months ago
Whatever. Lots of people get along fine without Christianity or the Bible, both OT and NT. Lots of people got along without them before 6022 years ago, too.
Shakar 7 months ago
Sorry, I don't spend 24/7 on Disqus. If your statement doesn't fall on the first three pages of my notification page, it doesn't get seen.
Kira 7 months ago
For all the uptight republicans out there:
Faer 7 months ago
Socialism caused Venezuela's downfall, this candidate wants "free college tuition, free healthcare free everything". Trump has NOTHING in common with Hitler or NAZI'S!
Arashilkis 7 months ago
"Verification and validation are independent procedures that are used together for checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfils its intended purpose. "
Bale 7 months ago
-100 I don't think it is possible for humans to objectively "know" (as in having absolute knowledge) anything.
Akile 6 months ago
I never once said nor advocated for the "ultimate goal." I'm a pawn of nothing. I don't want mentally disturbed people to gain access to guns. Mentally disturbed people shoot up innocent people. I thought you cons were "pro-life," yet you advocated for anyone and everyone to have guns with little to no restrictions. Only competent people should be allowed to have guns if they so choose to (and provided they properly train and store them away in locked safes afterwards).
Tam 6 months ago
<snort>. You know, if Joe finds this line of commentary offensive, I?ll have to delete you, as happened with a newbie earlier who wandered in from cage match channels & started harrassing Angie! ??
Zolozuru 6 months ago
?I and my father are one?
Grokazahn 6 months ago
Possibly it is. What is your point?
Shakazragore 6 months ago
Lol did you bring "flats" for comfort and then you realized your flats aren't so comfortable?
Yozshukus 5 months ago
Even as a Christian, I think Lee Strobel's work is rather weak. He heavily leans on only Christians throughout his book as his source of information: there's hardly any other view allowed and even then, it's filtered and explained away from a solely Christian platform.
Gonris 5 months ago
Oh no... you didn't load this to get a specific answer... nooooooo not at allllllll.
Groramar 5 months ago
What is, is different than how we describe what is.

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