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"As always when it comes to claims about ancient history I think of Hume. "A Wise man proportions his belief to the evidence." Is there strong or weak evidence for the claim? Does the evidence actually address the claim or is it circumstantial?"

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Faekus 9 months ago
If your sex skills were a the meme.
Mazuru 9 months ago
Some guy... does it matter? I Was referencing the words, not the author.
Malabei 9 months ago
It'll be interesting to see the next few polls if Liberal supporters jump over to the NDP candidate especially where the races are close. Look at Ajax for example, currently the PCs are taking it but it's still close and if Liberal supporters jump to the NDP based on this it could easily swing to the NDP.
Kagalkree 8 months ago
Your claims so far indicate that you put religious freedom above all else. Please clarify if I'm wrong, since you always go back to that as your only real claim. Everything else seems to come second.
Ferg 8 months ago
Shut your cockhole, you weak minded fuck. I thought you only posted on matters of great import, but its seems you are just another right wing whiny fuck, blindly striking out at intelligent people.
Dougrel 8 months ago
I'm unsure if you understand that is the opposite of my normal position. I'm trying to remain intellectually honest by really examining the arguments of the other side.
Fekasa 8 months ago
"So then, why is this level of criticism and debate NOT applied to the LGBTQ community who is clearly engaging in indoctrination?"
Nelabar 7 months ago
If he'd sat down they could have sorted that out, when police approached a situation they usually request everyone into a position they feel comfortable with until they can sort things out. Even I thought he was the girls boyfriend but knowing he wasn't doesn't change the fact he refused to comply.
Gardagul 7 months ago
Precisely. A belief in magic is nonsense.
Kejin 7 months ago
show me where he said that.
Digrel 7 months ago
That's a bummer. You'd think blocking someone would mean you wouldn't see it anymore... I suppose you could make a separate account just for admin duties perhaps.
Mutilar 7 months ago
First, yes, I would vigously defend religious freedom as long as that freedom included freedom from any and all religion.
Dousho 7 months ago
Sure plays a mean pinball....
Kagis 7 months ago
The ban was ruled illegal and had to be rewritten several times. That's because what the president is doing violates basic American values and principles.
Kajilar 6 months ago
LHN is just a echo chamber like NFE. Although that's a good thing, because all the people that couldn't handle being challenged fled NV to LHN
Arakree 6 months ago
that's your proof? "When you think about it"?
Guk 6 months ago
That all i can say to an OP so idiotic.
Yobar 6 months ago
Re: the Justice Department ? which normally defends federal laws in court ? abandoning that policy and instead saying the ACA's individual mandate has become unconstitutional and also asking courts to strike down protections for pre-existing conditions, Sessions is (unsurprisingly) a hypocrite:
Kazracage 6 months ago
That whole movie, omg. The Sound of Music gets me because it's my grandma's favorite movie.
Akinozshura 5 months ago
The boss? desk comment just had to go stat.
Mezizshura 5 months ago
"I don't need the "no true Scotsman" fallacy."
Negal 5 months ago
Faith is complete trust in spite of evidence or reason to be skeptical. Flat earth believers have faith they are correct, they ignore the evidence to the contrary and accept evidence that confirms their bias. This means anyone can believe any position on faith, it doesn't matter if it is true or not.
Samulkis 5 months ago
Perhaps it could. That would have to be determined.
Mooguzuru 5 months ago
It's tough to appreciate the history when you're stuck in traffic in it lol
Dikree 4 months ago
No, I think you need to do that. You seem to know all about it.
Tojaramar 4 months ago
There's also that one against the NFL player, but... when you're trying to figure out false claims and doing so on one hand, it's hard to bear that as the standard.
Nizil 4 months ago
Tell me... what is the definition of ?formless and void??
Kazrasar 4 months ago
I saw that movie this weekend!!! WWWWWOOOOSAHHHH!!! you bad boy... ummmm Girl...
Gardarr 4 months ago
What did you even say to trigger them so much? LOL
Tuzshura 3 months ago
I doubt that. It's more likely for you and your constantly crying leftie snowflake friends.
Akinolmaran 3 months ago
Well, that was Julius Ceasar, who was neither Christian nor Muslim, so I'd say both religions get a pass on that one. :)
Niramar 3 months ago
Define what is murder.

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