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984 04:531 year ago

"The only distinction is that there's local markets for locals, where you need someone who knows the language and be prepared to bargain, and markets meant specifically to sell things to tourists at a massive markup over local prices. :)"

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All I could think about was Barbara, my first lover, who was watching me now just as she had watched me from her window as a young teen. In the Darkness of hell her eyes pierced through the night.

Yes. "I sucked your boyfriend's cock before school," I whispered so only she could hear. As the glass became full onlinf let the stream hit my face, I couldn't smell a thing but it was so warm, I instinctively opened my mouth and as the golden nectar started to hit my tongue I began to swallow.

So when she starts and does a kind of lazy job you suddenly get an onoine. She gained enough consciousness to undo my pants.

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Danris 1 year ago
Did you read the article I provided for you above?
Taukus 1 year ago
I definitely label him as a terrorist, at least in the colloquial sense and nothing as stupid as "oh he was a troubled kid." As far as the legal term of terrorism, I am not 100% sure on whether or not he'd be due to that has a lot to do with intent. But I have zero problems calling him a terrorist, at least on the colloquial usage.
Nalmaran 1 year ago
I understand but it is a fact that all I do is ask you questions about what you believe and never disparage or insult you. I only give you a hard time when you don't answer...which you won't do here either.
Grojin 1 year ago
No, I?m bandying that there was first Man and Woman . That there was not us mere supposition and opinion
Tutaur 1 year ago
It wasn't just words, was it? It was a borderline pre-stalking situation and she tried to end the convo numerous times politely. Some guys need a dose of 'wake-up' to learn how inappropriate they are.
Febei 1 year ago
IMO, it is a huge resurgence of the Southern Strategy animated by backlash against Obama not acting exactly like a white guy with a great tan.
Mor 1 year ago
Now youre starting to sound like a literal christian nutbar.
Dacage 1 year ago
I don't care what the business may be -- if they operate under a PUBLIC business license they *cannot* discriminate when showing and selling any of their publicly offered goods and services. That's the law for ALL public business.
Zujin 1 year ago
Human errors in translation and deliberate in some cases. ?? ?? ??
Kigagami 1 year ago
youre not a what?
Meztigal 1 year ago
Who determines that balance? the government? you? the media? the collective we?
Kigajas 1 year ago
Why not just eliminate the Old Testament, altogether?
Zolotilar 1 year ago
If Tom Clancy wrote any of this stuff in one of his novels...he wouldn't have ever sold one book.
Zolosho 1 year ago
That's not what happens in cases with a vehicle. Parents are not found
Zolocage 11 months ago
I will comply with democratically agreed laws ... even if I don't agree ... but my values and morals I decide on myself ...
Faek 11 months ago
Agree. Jesus is God. But the Child in the earth today is also Jesus.
Faeshura 11 months ago
ROFL was there no ring? (just kiddin)
Shakaramar 11 months ago
I know right? Puts me to shame... Im as flexible as a nail.

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