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"I have learned...You can't really have anything nice with kids around. Every speaker in my doors in my old Kia were busted except mine, because they slammed the doors. My nephew broke the handle on the inside passenger door, because he just kept yanking at it while it was locked."

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She starts to moan like she did earlier OOOOOOHHHHH and I feel the contracting, I pull her hair and marrixge her face to mine and kiss her passionately. I didnt mind anyways, I got nothing to hide.

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Then Nigel turned towards a screened wall and watched as it open and said well.

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Tojarn 1 year ago
Oh, ok! Been there many times. The park at Buffalo River was our summer vacation every year for years. Been to Petit Jean several times as well. Even seen Crystal Caverns a time or two. : )
Braktilar 1 year ago
I can't remember where I read it, but I think it was an IDF commander who revealed they were working off of profiles they'd generated of Palestinian agitators and targeting based on that info. I get the sense that is the methodology the IDF was using in Gaza and it seems this report would confirm that strategy.
Akijar 1 year ago
Ancient fvcking history, dude. Regardless, you still have nothing to say about anyone connected with me or my family which is in anyway, shape or form valid.
Gugul 1 year ago
Ah, but if it were really true that if Christianity wasn't going anywhere, you wouldn't be sounding alarm-bells about its decline, would you? ??????
Yozshujinn 1 year ago
You can go after Iran for the Proxy wars without blowing up the agreement.
Taulkree 1 year ago
What's your point kitchen sink?
Gardasar 1 year ago
You are very defensive I agree.
Taugrel 1 year ago
Maybe they are not "Dem talking points" maybe they are actually facts. That seems to be your issue. You AUTOMATICALLY discount facts when they come from opposing viewpoints.
Mooguk 11 months ago
Imagine the rug burn on that face.
Yozshulmaran 11 months ago
As opposed to believing through your atheistic faith that human existence is pointless, morality is subjective, and that everything just appeared from nothing. Spending your days griping about a God you dont believe in, talking ill of people you dont know thus self ostracizing away from normal functioning society?, yeah, no.. I think ill keep my "relationship issues".
Zujind 11 months ago
KJV is the most accurate Bible we have.
Zujar 11 months ago
My thoughts exactly. If these 7 g-men can do a better job without the U.S. then good-bye and hello Russia and other willing participates to do trading and selling of goods.
Yole 11 months ago
When did barbecue get invented? :)
Mazujinn 11 months ago
The historians who come up with these theories get them from reading what's in the Bible. Particularly, quotes from Jesus like this:
Mikagrel 11 months ago
The bible is a collection of fantasy stories. It shouldn't be taken all that seriously.
Virisar 11 months ago
I agree the actual response seems over much. In the video the large black officer punches him 5 times at which point he slumps as if unconscious. At that point they should have stopped hitting him but he was struck several more times. Negative consequences may be in order for the level of violence, however, it seems obvious to me that had he complied with the officers no violence would have occurred.
Kell 10 months ago
Canada has helped the US at every opportunity. We're not just allies, we're partners.
Milkis 10 months ago
You kinda gotta investigate before charging someone...
Vuran 10 months ago
It's a science book... when people wish to argue the point that god is responsible for a discovery or proclaim he/it gave us knowledge. Or worst- argue the bible has anything of value that cant be garnered from far better secular sources.
Akizil 10 months ago're shallow, pompous, and passive-aggressively vengeful in response to anyone associated with the president.
Moktilar 10 months ago
>So, there is a plethora of evidence to believe in God, just not the empirical proof you require

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