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"Another day another shooting in TO"

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" John said, then looked over his shoulder at the door, which was closed. His hand caressing my face and running through my hair.

Busty redhead teen Jaye Rose strips out of her sexy lingerie

" "You fucking bastard. tumse…. "As for you," he said to me. aur uske 1-2 dosto ko bhi maar diya. Crowd cheers, people gather. " I sighed, "Well I can't say I agree with your choice.

Did they even have enough money to pay me. She walked over to John and stood beside him, putting her arm around him. " I couldn't believe my ears. Who will care. Porn stars didn't wear suits, but the face was almost identical. " "Sex doesn't matter to you?" John asked.

"Can you show me to the bathroom please John".

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Mazulkree 11 months ago
When you and I are dead and gone back to stardust Sherlock Holmes and Luke Skywalker and Kal El and Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker as well as Dr's Ock and Doom and Darth Vader and Captains Jame T Kirk, Jean Luc Picard and Nemo plus Bugs Bunny and Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin etc and even the gods will be around as ideas. So in the long run who really "exists"
Tygosho 11 months ago
"There is nothing worse than Bad Arguments!!"
Shakabar 10 months ago
Plenty of errors. Literal contradictions in the Bible right side by side.
Goltijar 10 months ago
For pity's sake. This again?
Muran 10 months ago
The religious like to deflect the argument from "is there a god" to "if you don't believe in god you are therefor evil."
Vibei 10 months ago
Other than instant death from a catastrophic collision, my experience of death is one of a loss of dignity.
Kagaramar 10 months ago
This may be an innocent comment or it may not; but to be clear, in case it is not innocent, stalking is not permitted on this channel. One complaint from
Goltira 10 months ago
Fugees, Alanis Jagged Little Pill, Pear Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana....oh man so many awesome albums!!
Akir 10 months ago
Oh my lord... the audacity.
Maujar 9 months ago
Upvote for solid diplomacy: "preexisting conditions".
Kagami 9 months ago
Yep. Hate goes both ways. You work a full-time job, some are going to say you neglect your kid(s). You're a SAHM, and they act like you sit at home and eat bon bons and get your nails and hair done or something.
Mezijinn 9 months ago
Mueller already has an answer
Zolomuro 9 months ago
Just like someone else wrote a book about Abraham Lincoln so he's fictional?
Fezahn 8 months ago
In other words, you hate Muslims.
Nigal 8 months ago
Do tell, I am all ears
Goltikora 8 months ago
The person I responded to. Try reading.
JoJojind 8 months ago
Count to 3 before throwing. Not 2, or 4, but 3. 5 is right out.
Tojajar 8 months ago
Settle down, snowflakes and we will.
Samutaxe 8 months ago
Thank you for sharing your hypocrites standard.
Goltimuro 8 months ago
Nice dodge....just as I suspected your response would be.
Shakajin 8 months ago
Then your original statement is meaningless, since all limitations (boundaries), you claim don't apply to your statement.
Voodoozshura 8 months ago
Yeah enjoy that drug infested violent Muslim socialistic shot show.
Tojakree 7 months ago
I don't know what that means. Some people have the opinion that certain races are superior to others. You're saying that if I find that abhorrent and cease contact with them, I'm in the wrong? That makes no sense. We are allowed to take a stand sometimes.

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