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"My asking about Trump was mild, his response was Vulgar. He has taken no responsibility for his? Ooooooops sorry this is out of sequence been blocked. ?? ??"

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He said he would be my teacher and we could use you as our ummm" she forgets something and Ted almost shouts "KNEEL" she kneels down and Ted reaches down and opens her mouth and takes his half hard cock and puts it n her mouth.


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I asked what did that mean my Streeach, Nigel told me that I am going to be a sex slave for His Master. mera haath uski chut par chal raha tha mujhe duniya ki jannat mil gai thi chnt lag raha tha. Then the human spewed over her face, finally the reptilian's load blat out and covered her.

However, after Eru simply disappeared and left all creation to its own biddings, Sauron felt that his trust was broken. He moved fast laying her on her back and sliding his thick throbbing cock against her sweet pussy lips.

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Zulunos 1 year ago
You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe
Gardakora 1 year ago
The notion that turning people away from restaurants?or protesting them?is the first step to violence is bullshit, though.
Vikinos 1 year ago
It's fun to me because even if I know that Limo it's for Limousine, in Italian "Limo" means Loam and the idea that Bills runs a "Loam Company" is great!
Zulutilar 1 year ago
The accepted understanding of our universe is that it did have a beginning last I heard.
Momuro 1 year ago
Abstinence is being mandated? Are they reading about it in a religious sense or common sense?
Kigajind 1 year ago
You know you just disproved your own statement that you have absolute knowledge right? Or are you just that dense?
Vudal 1 year ago
I did not assume. I spoke based on what was evident. As before, any argument will necessarily imply that the other person is either being illogical or is uninformed. Stating more explicitly what is already necessarily implied does not suddenly make it an
Kajilkree 1 year ago
meh, not too shabby ;)
Kazragis 1 year ago
Heritage Foundation is liberal? You're paying for everyone's tab now that runs up a bill and doesn't pay. Not saying it's right, just reality. Sad thing is health insurance does not equal healthcare. It's a racket.
Faekree 1 year ago
Public schools aren't allowed to teach ethics and morality. It cannot be done
Kajilar 1 year ago
It's kinda hard to think of Jehovah God in terms of "age". True --- He is the OLDEST personage in the Universe; but He is basically "Eternal". In both directions, past and future. He simply "exists"; he has no "age". He was not created. So, "age" doesn't hardly apply to Him. Does that make sense?
Zuzuru 1 year ago
How could you counter my Brock reference with a Trayvon Martin reference, exactly? The man that killed Trayvon got away with murder. Brock got away with rape, really. Might as well, anyway. 3 months is pathetic for such a crime.
Tojalar 1 year ago
i really liked ol pensatuky, i have known a few. and ive got a few in my town. always a mixture of comedy ,,and pathos.
Mot 1 year ago
This always cracks me up. She's like yeah, I serve Popeye's chicken at my restaurant. And what?
Akinolrajas 1 year ago
I wish I did. I'm no expert. Mine just has always loved getting outside and going on long walks. I keep her leashed and I think that keeps her focused on the walk. If I didn't I think she'd be stopping to sniff everything or going up to people. And I make sure she does her business beforehand.
Tezil 1 year ago
I recall the church was not needed, 12th century sounds about right
Zulkibei 11 months ago
No idea, I just happened to see the article.
Sarg 11 months ago
Nonsense. Tradition did not write Scripture. God Himself dictated it to the men He had chosen to record it. As already posted, Mary needed a Savior.
Akidal 11 months ago
You're sure welcome to your beliefs you just can't dictate the consequences of those beliefs. I'm glad you choose empathy for your fellow man not all atheist feel the same way i.e. Stalin and Mao as well as others.
Gugal 11 months ago
Still here tus.
Tetilar 11 months ago
Anyone ever had their 4 year-old walk in right when you're.... ahem.... giving the finishing touches to your SO....... and tell you about sea animals?
Yojas 11 months ago
Why didnt you have capitalism in your list?
Terr 10 months ago
You just need a smaller diameter steering wheel.
Dijin 10 months ago
And what about those tribal cultures where the members don't regard themselves as beings and other tribes as subhuman?
Kigatilar 10 months ago
Who made them do it. Had they been forced. For all the talk of existence and science one would understand a system in balance and one of atomic interchange a mechanism would be required. Perhaps pain is a small price for feeling a warm wind. Enough old "myths and legends" account for various falls from some form of grace. It is easy to see from yesterday to today. Human beings need to be accountable for thier own actions and need to speak as one voice when injustice carries on I don't blame
Zulkirisar 10 months ago
Borg, Funk, Crossan, et al, aren't really doing much other than trying to save Jesus (and Christianity) from the obvious humanistic implications of Schweitzer. They're too intellectually honest to try to disagree with or disprove Schweitzer, but they have to rationalize their way to a relevant Christianity that can accommodate an apocalyptic Jesus and still be morally relevant.

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