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712 06:321 year ago

"Be thankful you have a sprinkler system."

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Bragor 1 year ago
If that toxic chemical, whether carried by water flow or by air has no harmful effect on anyone else, ever, then their action is fully consensual and nobody has any right to object.
Mezticage 1 year ago
Care to make a prediction for the Ontario election? :-)
Kiktilar 1 year ago
Man... first you post an A-Class answer to my snarkery! And then you actually turn it into a quality OP of your own!
Fauktilar 1 year ago
Or it could be revealed as superstition just like every other religion you don't believe in. You're not the first person to say something like this to be proven wrong and you won't be the last
Dailkree 1 year ago
It?s good that it was an email because she has documentation. I was referring to the fact that the entire exchange was an email and me not thinking that it?s good customer service
Netaxe 1 year ago
Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean others can't.
Tagul 1 year ago
It's you who's arguing there's a reason to exclude gay people from God's sacrament, not us.
Makasa 1 year ago
I You obviously have a great deal of disdain got Christians & w/last
Samugul 1 year ago
How does circumcision skate past all of that?
Sakazahn 1 year ago
Umm, you didn't appear to read his post before countering it - or - he changed it after you did. Just sayin'
Kazrakree 1 year ago, but having the answer
Merr 1 year ago
Yeah, you're not going to find the guys who designed your car inside your trunk. You're not going to find God inside the creation. Don't mistake the difficulty of determining something with its essential reality.
Zucage 1 year ago
You are avoiding the yes or no question.
Kimuro 1 year ago
Verses about condemning homosexuality.
Mizuru 1 year ago
So, the same argument racists used why mixed race marriages should stay illegal
Musar 1 year ago
The case wasn't about creativity. It never was. That was only a tactic picked up after the fact in order to justify the baker's intolerance.
Gakazahn 1 year ago
I don't have a fear for them. I pity them, I hope they get helped. The suicidal pandemic that afflicts that community is staggering and I don't believe that making society accept this specific illness is helping them or us.
Gujora 1 year ago
I've never wavered that carbon tax is a scam. I believe we are killing the planet. Both can't be true?
Vuk 1 year ago
Remember the "stair" installation in that park in Toronto that was performed for $600 by a concerned carpenter citizen? Well the city did not appreciate his efforts and quickly employed a team of "professionals" who came up with a plan to do the same job but their cost to the taxpayers was over $10,000. Multiply that one job by thousands of others in municipalities across the province and you can quickly figure out that using "professionals" isn't always the most fiscally responsible way to get things done....
Dokree 1 year ago
They don't wanna work for a trump supporter, that's fine by me... but like typical leftists, I'm not surprised to hear them being intolerant to the point of harassment and beyond. Idk if it's true, but given the lefts history as of late, it's not an extraordinary claim.
Gakus 1 year ago
When did I say that I believe in anything? I am an atheist, what I believe is not derived from an ancient book of mythology. Its about the here and now. In other words REALITY. Look up the word wise before using it.
Bazil 1 year ago
Yup. And his apology would be worthless, anyways, especially not what it would cost in court fees.
Tygozilkree 1 year ago
Your bitch Obama got chumped . Ransom and five terrorist leaders is how HE handled situations like this. Wipe the Kenyan off your face.
Terisar 11 months ago
last game was legit.

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