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828 25:361 year ago

"Did we get thrown back a month and a bit for April fools? This OP can't be serious."


"Very good almighty Krasis, you truly are powerful. Oh well, bitching isn't gonna do me any good now. The look on their faces was happiness, but also surprised I would do such a thing "Okay you must leave now.

My cocks not all that patient. She pulsates into her man, she tries to press against him but her gently pushes her stomach back to the wall. My big breasts had just been emptied. Carter seemed to genuinely enjoy herself as she scooped and slurped all that sticky sperm into her mouth. SMACK.

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Yozshujind 1 year ago
Not really. You have forgotten something very important: I do not care whether you are convinced or not. I do not write to convince you or anyone else.
Gurisar 1 year ago
The meaning of feminism has been perverted by angry people who want to undermine women's issues. I think the same of people who undermine legitimate claims of harrasment based on cases like this one.
Teshicage 1 year ago
Tried it on my flat tire. It's true!
Zuluzilkree 11 months ago
Paul's theology is the same, this is clear;
Bacage 11 months ago
What makes you think I suspended reality?
Taugrel 11 months ago
Parents have general responsibility for the actions of their children.
Mam 11 months ago
It's just a quick edit, but I thought this was worth mentioning.
Vudobei 10 months ago
did the so-called grenade travel more than 3 meters?
Dijar 10 months ago
Ah. You're approaching this from the POV that they're doing this for the baby. I definitely don't think that's happening. Unless it's to brag about it to the friends and co-workers.
Zulkigul 10 months ago
So therefore if I stated that I am a source outside of humanity, I would be the highest authority and definer of truth. Now, just how do you know what this Jesus of yours stated?
Voodoomi 10 months ago
The CBO never gets anything right, like their predictions on the obamacare disaster.
Gall 10 months ago
I've already mentioned one of the best of them, who looks at it differently, its just that he thinks in a higher level of understanding
Majinn 9 months ago
I am dealing with something similar with my mom. About 7 years ago she became a Schmehovah Witness, it was very "culty". They discouraged her from reading anything not sanctioned by them. They talked her into letting them be her "medical representative" because they didn't trust that her non-JW daughter would respect their strict no-blood policy.
Zolokus 9 months ago
I told my son that it was a game and that these are pretend characters but we enjoy the fun anyway. At six, he decided not to debate the philosophical aspects of that. Instead, he opened his Power Ranger set.
Nebar 9 months ago
hahaha. I thought you were more of a liberal mod? was i mistaken?
Gardakinos 9 months ago
Our reality is reality. There may be much we do not know or can not sense but they are also part of our reality.
Tygomuro 9 months ago
no, it isn't. I'm not jumping to conclusions when I reject the evidence as being insufficient. I'm saying, until there is sufficient evidence, logic dictates I withhold belief. No conclusions. In fact, I'm open to new evidence whenever someone has some to share
JoJojinn 8 months ago
Hello all gathered here. Happily I returned from exile to bright light into your lifes again and broaden horizons. Until the next ban.
Sajar 8 months ago
She was a trooper, I would have cried. I did when I had a bad accident a few years ago. Ambulance rides are fun.??
Kazragar 8 months ago
Ok, if it's just a modicum, then go ahead and post the model # of your keyboard and then find out who designed it.
Mijora 8 months ago
>>"?What makes this ?celebration? different or problematic??
Tojakora 8 months ago
1. If it is, it should be neither compulsory, nor for spurious reasons of any sort, be they medical or religious.

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