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"For me, I guess it depends on which definition you use. Some definitions exclude humans in the definition. If you can exclude humans, why not exclude aliens, and meteors, and supernovae, and someone's definition of god?"

Letha Weapons - Jogger

To my surprise she was completely shaven. Mrs. totally weak and on the verge of fainting.

Letha Weapons - Jogger

As he finished pissing he took his dick from my mouth and slapped it against my face, it felt so good. If any man aboard chose to reproduce he did so here with one of the slaves.

"I-," tried to reply to him, to say that I also loved him when he filled my mouth with his cock. He then turned my chin towards the glass, I put my lips to it and master said "Now swallow kean you pig".

" "Yes Ma'am.

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Golkis 1 year ago
Why the hell would anyone care about who anyone else is having sex with as long as it is adult and consensual? Should we hate people who eat broccoli as well, or, god forbid, use Ivory soap?
Tygodal 1 year ago
hmm... ok. i see your point of view.
JoJoshura 1 year ago
Not dependant of ones personal opinion. / Agreed upon (potentially) by a vast majority of people.
Voodoozshura 1 year ago
The human body contains trillions of microorganisms ? outnumbering human
Nezilkree 1 year ago
Wouldnt shock me, Trump loves nazis!
Kik 1 year ago
I don't trust myself to cut my hair now LOL
Kazisho 1 year ago
You need more Capital letters.
Tulkree 1 year ago
Most developed nations also do not have our constitution, word for word.
Mik 1 year ago
Yes, in the legal sense. And Christians have to follow the same laws that everyone else does. It's the law not to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation.
Ararg 1 year ago
You do sometimes. When you get on your back, there?s a little bitty ? snort? once in while.
Vujar 1 year ago
Our may was nice, but june has been in the 50's ... this sucks.
Yozshuk 1 year ago
I may have to take an approach similar to that.
Taugal 1 year ago
5 people on the court ruled in favor. Tough crap.
Vim 1 year ago
This says GOD YHWH, the Almighty One : In these last days before the return of Jesus the Christ to the Mount of Olives, to start the Kingdom of God visible on earth at Jerusalem in Israel, I notice that many discuss about Me and My holy existence and about the inspiration of the bible and of the dogma's taught in churches and their practices... and of those, who proclaim to know Me or to be My messengers or wittnesses. Still I AM revealing Myself to people worldwide in different ways, for I AM the almighty God of the universes. Still there are always people who want proof of My existence, although My whole creation reveals Me by day and night. All the visible things and the spirit-worlds declare that I AM. But some people are hardened, because of their unwillingness to acknowledge Me and to serve Me in My creation according to My Holy Will and plan and word and commandments and holy gospelteachings. Many are the sons and daughters and servants and slaves of satanic evil spirits.. and therefore they are enemies of Me and Jesus the Christ and of the gospel and of faithfull disciples of the heavenly godly Kingdom of God and My holy Temple. I AM. Therefore I call all to return to Me in honest prayer, admitting their sinfull nature and rebellious thoughts and words and deeds... and asking Me in Jesus Christ name to change their hearts and lives according to My holy will to save their souls for eternity in Jesus Christ holy name and love and grace and mercy. I AM. For those, who are willing to ask this, I will give grace and love and truth and guidance by My Spirit and holy angels. I AM.
Tejinn 1 year ago
Yeah, I have stories, none that I can relate on this channel, but yeah, good times.
Diramar 1 year ago
Citation to back up the 2014 claim please. Otherwise more RW bs.
Zolozil 1 year ago
1. Not sure why people it is so common for people to make arbitrary value judgments
Arashisar 1 year ago
I did prove that they are a democratic republic.

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