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"Thank goodness you came to your senses laddie."


With the lubrication of his semen, and the fact that his cock was slowing softening, his cock went further than he expected. Yet, the way she said explained him being fired if he disobeyed, it wouldn't just be sex. Not a deep prick but definitely into my skin.


You are lucky- be grateful- because I'm going to go ahead and kill you. The bell rang, another round, the fight ended, and as I walked back to the locker room to prepare for the championship fight, Vidz glanced her way again just to be sure it was not my imagination.

oh………hey……. When we first met you couldn't wait to get into bed; I thought you were going to be my perfect lover for life".

He started out created as a second class being, only to become the second-in-command of the entire world. He fucked me the same way as the first guy without saying a word.

When I ask for more you slowly move around me still at the lower regions and make you way around to the very anap areas surrounding my damp pussy and you tease the inner thigh. I couldn't control myself. Her husband continued "Yes no time for sleep sx she loves anal and gives me blow jobs; I never had any of that before".

My "best friend" and my husband. You grab the chair from the desk; pulling it up next to me you take firet seat.

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Tojashakar 10 months ago
I've stated that I've not yet heard a convincing enough argument, don't put words in my mouth. And do you realize what tolerance means? It doesn't mean agreement. If we agreed, there'd be nothing to tolerate. Tolerance is when people disagree, but don't attack the other person for there disagreement.
Fedal 10 months ago
Oh, well, now... touche... I am also not a fan of retributive justice... I don't see the point... but Christianity tends to gain some selling points appealing to the judgemental side of people's minds; as such, it stands to answer for how its proposition is in any way more moral than reality... unless it can show that it's true whether it's moral or not, of course, but that would require the theist's nightmare: evidence.
Yozshular 9 months ago
No, that was hiliary. He signed the executive order banning it. Even liberal media that hate him covered it. Facts must hurt your little Russian troll farm brain. Stop with the fake news
Tygok 9 months ago
"science busts the myths " A juvenile statement from beginning to the end.
Shakanris 9 months ago
According to whom?
Telkree 9 months ago
SCOTUS blasts demoRATS on numerous rulings today! MAGA I love winning!
Akigor 8 months ago
The epistle of James is dated around 40 to 50AD by some and Paul's latters about 52 till 58 AD. These dates are less than 30 years after the death of Christ. Paul may not have known Christ but he could easily have been alive at the same time. We know he was alive at the same time as many of the apostles since he was helping the Jewish authorities to persecute them initially.
Fenrilabar 8 months ago
Awesome. Trump is worth it. Obama should have to pay that back.
Shakale 8 months ago
So you are saying that I'm deflecting and that there aren't celebrities and government leaders calling for horrific things against Barron Trump (a child), ICE employees and their families, conservatives, etc? Nor is it at all hypocritical that on the eve of regressives arguing that "Businesses that are open should serve all comers" you guys applaud decisions to not serve conservatives or members of the Trump administration? And since you hate deflection so much, why don't you address the point Frank Milhouse made? Please also explain to me how my response to your post is any different than what you did to Frank? (Actually, I can explain that I did what I did on purpose to make some points as well as to show how dumb your response was)
Doukora 8 months ago
Actually it is.
Mezilrajas 8 months ago
I should hope so!
Kazitilar 8 months ago
"no amount of wasting time and resources"
Tektilar 8 months ago
I am glad I got circumcised because women almost unanimously agree they prefer circumcised men over guys with stinky smegma under their foreskin. Good luck with women with that hideous, smelly and nasty appendage.
JoJolrajas 7 months ago
Yeah, I did go back and look and didnt find anything earlier than your walnut comment.
Duhn 7 months ago
No, you mean learn to agree with you, otherwise I am stupid.
Vudokasa 7 months ago
So we should drop our humanitarianism and disallow anyone seeking asylum?
Gamuro 7 months ago
National Socialism, genocide- a popular position? No? Point failed.
Zushakar 6 months ago
Every time you are booped on the nose, you'll fall right asleep now...
Mooguzil 6 months ago
That's kind of my point - there seem to be two different definitions of "ego" floating around here. I don't believe the "ego" that meditation allegedly reduces is the same "ego" as "inflated self-regard".
Kazirisar 6 months ago
Last I checked, neither Democratic party nor liberals in general are inclined to chop their opponent's heads off. That's usually more of religious nutjobs thing.
Mumuro 6 months ago
Ti-Cats?How gay is that?
Gardasida 5 months ago
Jeez, do I have to explain this? Really?
Vogor 5 months ago
Why I posted fetus and you've denied that outright. Posting the definition would be ignored by you. Waste of time at this point.
Faukazahn 5 months ago
that's a good one. In fact, if one were to believe in heaven, it wouldn;t make sense to NOT have suffering here. Otherwise, earth would be heaven
Zuluzragore 5 months ago
That's a silly thing to say, diana. Granted that most folks are heterosexual, and apparently you and I are like most people. However, not everyone is heterosexual. . .and that's a simple observation.
Daizilkree 5 months ago
I don't think either one of you want to be with the other and neither of you are mature enough to say it so you are both stuck waiting for the other person to say it.
Zubar 5 months ago
It was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!
Grok 4 months ago
I oppose women being obliged to look after children they are forced to bear without proper assistance from the society that imposes the obligation.
Fauk 4 months ago
Thank you, a straight answer. If that is your belief, there is no point in further discussion. Enjoy your drunk tree frogs - at least they will allow you to speak as though your word is from God. Have a nice day. PS: Not a liberal, but thanks for playing.
Kazik 4 months ago
People are stupid. Come north. Place is dripping dipper signs.
Zulut 4 months ago
Explain to me again how Christians are moral and I, being an atheist are immoral.
Meztishura 3 months ago
It certainly had issues that could have been improved, but Republicans chose to instead sabotage and destroy it out of spite towards Obama.
Akinokree 3 months ago
Men like that are disgusting -.-
Douran 3 months ago
Some people twist separation with abuse to try to advance their political agenda and some people see that as a slap to children that have actually been abused. I guess we know which side you're on.
Tygoramar 3 months ago
Isn't it weird how gods never write books - only men do. Why is it that the supposed all-powerful creators of everything, can't write? YHWH didn't write the Torah - men did. Allah didn't write the Quran - men did. Brahma, Vishnu, and the other Hindu gods, didn't write the Bhagavad Gita or the Vedas - men did. Zeus didn't write any of his holy books - men did. And Jesus didn't write the bible - men did. So why can't gods write anything without the help of men? Do you think it is because they are all fictional? You already know that the thousands of other gods that you could choose to believe were real are fictional. Yet, the evidence supporting their existence is IDENTICAL to that supporting the existence of your god. Maybe your god didn't write his holy book for the exact same reason Zeus didn't write his holy books. What do you think?

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