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"There seem to be many reasons for organised religion. Kinship, tribalism and the need to belong definitely being among the main ones. Some others, I think, are an organised panic about death, a need to believe that good deeds are rewarded and bad ones are punished as well as the inability to come to terms with the fact that we are just not that special in the great scheme of things."

Easter Bunny

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Arazragore 4 months ago
It's pretty hard to deny a significant increase in rate, though.
Malajinn 4 months ago
In this case, the opposite of their cult beliefs in archaic nonsense superstitions. Reality. Like when you find out at age 4 or 5 that there is no santa and the tooth fairy is your mommy.
Faezilkree 4 months ago
Not interested. I think your advice was equally terrible. I don't have an article to point to the why, it's just a gut feeling. Have a wonderful day.
Vudora 3 months ago
This is wonderful news!
Meztigal 3 months ago
I live in a suburb of Washington DC, and I NEVER lock my doors. Never have.
Nidal 3 months ago
Exactly, people living under Sharia can't change it, and you defend such a nice system.
Samuzshura 3 months ago
Quote their use of the phrase "trickle down."
Gardagis 3 months ago
She ran away from the other thread and does not know her bible at all.
JoJora 2 months ago
There is almost a zero possibility of a minority in this election. The winning party will get a majority, mainly because the Libs will be reduced to 0 or 1 seats. So there's no set up for a minority to happen. We basically have a two party system now in Ontario.
Ketilar 2 months ago
Coming over and starting shyt is uncalled for so why did you start it with me
Gule 2 months ago
Apologies if I missed you addressing it. I do see that two hours passed between you and I posting.
Shagul 2 months ago
It has been legal for me since 1978
Aram 1 month ago
Left hand, right hand accounting.
Bakazahn 1 month ago
That doesn't change anything. It's still a denial of service.
Dular 1 month ago
Did Samantha lie tho?
Voodoorg 1 month ago
They all look a little loopy for sure.
Shagami 1 month ago
No. Slaves are free...the free are slaves its about learning.
Meztidal 1 month ago
I ain't Scottish, either.
Sajas 3 weeks ago
so much bewbs lol
Munris 3 weeks ago
not man but men. Holy men of God.
Mausho 1 week ago
Thanks! : )
Meztibar 4 days ago
What was it again?

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