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633 05:219 months ago

"my beliefs can change anything necessary to be changed. like you for example... if you do not change and believe the gospel of Christ, there is no doubt about it, your going to SPLIT HELL WIDE OPEN!!!"

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But before she took them off, I turned her over so I could have control again. Her family was leaving. His hand caressing my face and running through my hair.

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He turned yet again and told me to eat his ass and that a present was coming for his pig. It hurt pretty badly, but that kinda thing happens a lot when your working with 1,600lbs of beef.

Perhaps you would join me in a ceremonial breeding tonight, it has been very long. Ackman was right, the sooner he cleaned his cum off of himself the better it would be. fir hum logo ne saath me hi coching lagwa li… aur hum log pphoto me hi rehte the jyada time.

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Mam 9 months ago
The Finals last year was more boring LOL
Tujar 9 months ago
Get rid of the literal interpretation of both and keep both out of government.
Maular 9 months ago
Excuse me: Lord "the Crook" Black.
Yonos 8 months ago
LOL . . . and what good cause would that be?
Bat 8 months ago
My profile is not private. On it you can find other people who have said I must be new to the internet, I must not have read the article, or I must lack understanding of the issue. Is there any positive reason you would say that I must be new here? Are you welcoming me? Are you trying to help me #bebest at internet comments?
Goltigar 8 months ago
Agreed! I'm just saying, to expect others to want proof isn't a bad thing. It is something we require in almost every decision we make
Voodoohn 8 months ago
15 hours and counting.
Daim 8 months ago
Lol lying little sl*t?
Bakora 7 months ago
Was at Service Ontario on Dundas and everyone who walked by I said Vote Ford and was getting high fives and thumbs up. Hopefully that's an indication it's going to be a liberal/ndp massacre. If DoFo doesn't lose weight he won't get to finish his term though. Had some big gut walking into vote this morning on tv.
Kagakasa 7 months ago
And I'd argue the right of the woman in the womb to live is paramount.
Domuro 7 months ago
Humans in our current form have walked the planet for over 200,000 years but 5,000 years ago in the most illiterate place on the planet god sends Moses the 10 Commandments. Are we to believe it was ok to kill, covet, steal etc up until then?
Nagal 7 months ago
I would not expect a nurse or anyone to wax me in such places.
Kagajas 6 months ago
Yep, LGBT Chrsitans and LGBT accepting Churches are often at Pride events. My Cos is very much Christian and very much a Lesbian.
Bajora 6 months ago
I read a story or two about bakers who refused to bake cakes for anti-LGBTQ customers (the customers wants slurs or whatever on the cake). Also one baker who refused to bake one with the name Hitler on it.
Malajind 6 months ago
Let's just say class got dismissed early that day
Gardakazahn 6 months ago
Because as the study shows it is a spectrum. It is no small wonder that those who are able to be attracted to the opposite sex will ultimately choose to live that life when the alternative is nothing but disdain, scorn and oppression in a gay relationship.
Sagul 6 months ago
You are right. Stalingrad battle was the tuning point .
Gurr 6 months ago
After lying to the FBI? Then Wolfe will also walk after lying to the FBI.
Golkis 5 months ago
I am not a Republican. You sound like someone losing a grip on your faith.
Mezilrajas 5 months ago
Mueller arresting ore people?
Vocage 5 months ago
Some planted the seed of life on the Earth... interesting and suggestive of some extraterrestrial colonisation. And the answer is 42, I suppose.
Dashicage 5 months ago
By that logic we should sterilize everyone on welfare.
Araramar 5 months ago
Exactly. The lessor of two evils. "At least we're the..."
Kazrar 5 months ago
"Why not consider...Goddidit once more?"
Gardagis 4 months ago
Yeah tell me about it !!
Dagore 4 months ago
It's gone into pending, you can meanwhile read it off my list.
Moogulkree 4 months ago
Every government in the West is operating the same way. Spending way more than they take in and running deficit after deficit and accumulating more debt. It's not sustainable.
Goltigal 4 months ago
What???? Choosing the right action is meaningless? Do you choose what you do by coin toss at all times?
Kajigore 3 months ago
Legislation only becomes law when the President signs it or Congress overrides a veto.
Feran 3 months ago
Hard science and soft science are colloquial terms used to compare scientific fields on the basis of perceived methodological rigor, exactitude, and objectivity. Roughly speaking, the natural sciences are considered "hard", whereas the social sciences are usually described as "soft".
Najin 3 months ago
What, are you saying that the degrees in Cracker Jack boxes aren't good? Oh crap, don't tell my employer! :)
Yoshura 3 months ago
Looks like you have a very confused rationale.
Malagor 2 months ago
I still prefer the one where the guy was on some old people's house naked, masturbated, ate vacuum contents, smelled clothes, pooped twice, dodged bullets...

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