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"Yeah, sorry I don't have more fodder for you to nitpick at. I'm also sorry that you haven't made any assertions or responded substantively in any way to what I said. Crappy discussion."

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Shaktigore 1 year ago
Well, Carlson, Reid, Tapper and the rest of the clowns gotta be paid 7 figures somehow god damn it !!!!!
Vudokazahn 11 months ago
There needs to be something to apologise for, in this instance there was nothing. Wounds are reason for being considerate but there was absolutely nothing here.
Ditilar 11 months ago
Some people hate conflict. I just wish people who hated would avoid it more
Akinojinn 11 months ago
It?s not a theory and they are not physical beings. I agree that your god is no more real than any of the thousands that came before and after, be it the god of the Aztec, the Sioux, or Scientologists. No more logical than stating you have faith that Professor Dumbledore exists.
Tygorn 11 months ago
I cannot site a single objective moral. I have never seen anyone else do so either.
Kelkis 11 months ago
Not being there yet, as far as I know , it is difficult to say. Pain should definetely be minimized. And I would think not being alone is a factor. .
Bralabar 11 months ago
I know who he married. As for the rest... if the evidence is so strong. Why isn't he in a huge legal battle like Cosby's?
Kikree 10 months ago
No! Anti Nazis and Nazis are not the same !
Kagagrel 10 months ago
Can you believe the canucks burned down a perfectly good restaurant?
Akinolmaran 10 months ago
But they exist. Is this a numbers game? Do they get a free pass to choose which gender they are going to be? Are they allowed to be Christian, no matter which way they choose?
Mezile 10 months ago
Memes and gifs are made for fools like you because they only understand comic book reality.
Zolobar 10 months ago
Regarding the Egyptians, they were warned. Even to me, still sounds harsh in my eyes. To kill the first born. I would be lying if I told you I could give a perfect reason for the Egyptians. However, I know that God knows more than I do and fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Kazimi 9 months ago
Re: it had a beginning: That would depend on how you define 'beginning'. The dimension of time itself didn't exist until the expansion event which created the known universe, after all, so it's impossible to consider a time before the universe exists. In fact, since the universe itself has existed for as long as time itself has existed it's just as accurate to view the universe as having always existed.
Taushakar 9 months ago
I know this version, there are so many of them..... read the book "The secret book of the Egyptian Gnostics, Doresse". You will find all of them in this book!
Samubei 9 months ago
The application of the scientific method.
Gardataur 9 months ago
Nicely said. I agree with you.
Tukazahn 9 months ago
I know this is a joke, but until I dated my current BF there were things i did not know. In the military women do get equal pay for equal rank BUT they had lower physical standards. Recently the USMC raised standards and more washouts are occurring-- 6 out of every 7 women are washing out of infantry (combat training) compared to 40 men out of every 1500. They still don't have equal standards but they were raised. Your tax dollars go to train people for a role that 90% of them are not cut out for. In no other business or field would we waste money like this just because someone wants to try something really really badly. So in the case of the military women get equal pay for less equal work. While that's not oppression--first world problems and all. It is an example of an area where men are consistently made to do more than their female counterparts and when they complain are told they're being babies. I don't know about you but playing with my money is like playing with my emotions. It's not being a baby to say "What's up with this?" Imagine Merryl Streep making less money than Pierce Brosnan for Mama Mia. If she complained people wouldn't call her a baby.
Tojagrel 8 months ago
probably pulled down due to the legion of people out there with tight sphincters, enlarged outrage glands and no sense of humor.
Dujind 8 months ago
Cinnamon drops still remind me of my high school boyfriend.
Grosho 8 months ago
Itty bitty kitty committee!
Balkis 8 months ago
What? That is possible the nuttiest comment today.
Zulkinos 8 months ago
Darwin had an idea a long time ago, scientists today expanded on that idea, the idea grew and our knowledge became ever more greater. If your point is coming from a time around Darwin then you are long out of date.
Marisar 8 months ago
Nope. It is just an analogy to help us humans understand. It is no more magical that the chemistry that produces soap.
Fektilar 8 months ago
I can play songs that have a banjo in them.
Zuramar 7 months ago
So... by that logic, God is not All-Powerful... He is bound by the limitations of Time itself?
Tazilkree 7 months ago
Hahahhahahhaha, good one, no seriously that was really funny.
Faukasa 7 months ago
Like what facts?
Dahn 7 months ago
I hope so too lol
Mut 7 months ago
Only thing I'm struggling with is she won't fck off.
Dugore 7 months ago
A manual of bigotry and misogyny?
Samugami 7 months ago
Did you forget that gays were also rounded up and murdered in the Holocaust and other genocides? Whoops, you failed again.
Faektilar 6 months ago
Are you looking at the connection between the beliefs (or lack thereof) and the killing, or not?
Musar 6 months ago
"And using your logic, if any negative claim (it does not exist) cannot be proven, then that negative claim is somehow not valid."
Magore 6 months ago
The Bible actually references baptism for the dead. It really is a simple idea. For example, I would get baptized, for and on behalf of person X, who is deceased. Person X (who is deceased) can accept or reject that baptism.
Araktilar 6 months ago
What prophecy? In antiquity when a letter or story circulated that was supposedly from years gone by and written by or about a prophet who seemed to be speaking about current events no one knew when the thing was written. These are literary inventions that serve multiple purposes one of which is giving an oppressed people some hope for the future. The prophet speaks as if he could see the future talking of what was going on in the people's lives right then. Because the story is not from the past actually of course. He goes a step further and tells how things are going to be all hunky dory as long as the people believe and so they do. Why not? The prophet predicted this king messing with us hundreds of years ago. And he said of we just believe (give money to the priests) everything will turn out all right. These stories were invented to fool people in antiquity. The fact that they can still fool people today is like I said, it has no limits. It's pretty easy to put a prediction of a destruction of a temple on the lips of a mythical Jesus decades after the event had already taken place. Much more logical than your explanation - whatever that is.

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