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"It takes far longer for speciation to occur than humans have been keeping track. In 30 or 40 million years there will be species around that you would not recognize."

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He got some of my slick wetness on it almost testing it. " He said in between kisses. Using her fingers to push them all in all the way in your mouth.

Jamie climbed out from under the dress and looked around not sure what to do next.

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He moved behind me and I prayed he would leave my pierced pussy alone. You are also aware that he isn't to happy with your decision at the end of the night to invite Sarah home with us. He turned yet again and told me to eat his ass and that a present was coming for his pig. I couldn't wait to taste it and after seconds of touching it was on my knees to suck it.

"We have some cold beer. She always seemed more interested in me.

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Guzil 1 year ago
I like the OP and questions because clear and concise. Experience is the biggest variable of religion. Emotions and faith tend to change, so MUST be set on facts.
Kigor 1 year ago
And when they do, you can totally come back and say 'I told you so.' In the mean time, the internet is not your personal litter box where you get to dump whatever load of mental excrement you like all over other people just because it's there. There are rules and laws and you are just as subject to the as anyone else.
Dazil 1 year ago
Might have to put elevators in the tree stands if it doesn't go well, oh well already have a fridge up there in case you drop in or out or well who knows with you! lol
Yozshujin 1 year ago
What's the red wave? A blood bath of ousted Republican congress members?
JoJojora 1 year ago
You justify your position by taking the extreme, is man fundamentally good or evil?
Nejas 1 year ago
Reading the first one was reading an opinion piece. It didn't give anything he's done, just what he says he wants to do.
Vumuro 1 year ago
?I?ve never talked* to her,?
Zolohn 1 year ago
Thinking you might be my ex?
JoJom 1 year ago
The Mormon ship in The Expanse with the Angel Moroni (trumpeter) on the mast is pretty entertaining.
Tebei 1 year ago
What kind of socks?
Maulabar 1 year ago
Neither does "moral" or "morality".
Faeshakar 1 year ago
=))Neither is your opinion Doyle.
Meztilkis 1 year ago
Then how is it that she wasn't stoned to death being pregnant and unwed?
Ball 1 year ago
LOL I resemble that remark... OMG. I guess I need more therapy.
Kazrakinos 1 year ago
He can't. I banned him.
Arakazahn 1 year ago
Girl let me take you out to chillis then
Dizilkree 1 year ago
That was NOT even in Jesus' mind.
Gozilkree 11 months ago
Yes I am. What it was we may never know. However, since it seems impossible for "nothing" to be, there had to be something. Also, since matter can NOT be created or destroyed(it can only change form) that also affirms there was something.

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