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220 08:001 year ago

"Ooh! I hadn't considered this, but it's certainly a possibility. If that's what's going on, it hardly seems fair to Mrs. Smith."

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" "Well, if you're happy living here, I'm happy for you. "What ddrunk.

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We stayed like that for almost a minute and finally he told me " I told you it wasn't to much" and he began to slowly work his cock in and out of my ass. I had never seen her new apartment because she had moved in after I deployed, so a tour was in order she thought. This time it hurt but I dare not tern and I gritted my teeth and began to enjoy it.

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Voodoogor 1 year ago
I got back together with my ex from 7th grade and we're doing alright :-D
Kigazahn 1 year ago
I don't condone any of those atrocities either
JoJorg 1 year ago
You're an atheist now,
Zulkiran 1 year ago
sure it does, unless you are math challenged or do not understand per capita.
Kajisho 1 year ago
"Nothing I?ve said was in any way to compel you or anyone else to believe what I believe. "
Mauktilar 1 year ago
He was from none other than Chicago , ??
Akijind 1 year ago
I can't think of an example where it would be immoral. Some people might view it as condescending but that is their fault. But I don't think that kindness is a
Jutaxe 1 year ago
They are, aren't they! Now in shoe shopping trance...
Mezijind 1 year ago
"Is there any chance that that could be interpreted as 'hate speech'?"
Moogutilar 1 year ago
I can get behind this advice.
Molkis 1 year ago
Aww that's adorable.
Mezile 1 year ago
I'm going to make a general statement, conservatives have this "The police are always innocent" line. It's just a total eyeroll. I argued about police shooting a double amputee in a wheelchair who had NO access to knives at his retirement home because he refused to put down a sharpie. A felt tipped sharpie. This was a white dude, too. They actually said, well, you weren't in the police's shoes. I wanted to blow up something when they said that. (FBI--this is an exaggeration, I'm not a terrorist, thank you)
Kelkis 1 year ago
There is no "ban gay marriage" movement, which implies that gay marriage was the norm, and religious folks thought to take it away. Up until LBGT activists began pushing for a change in marriage laws to allow for same sex marriage it was a non issue. As in all things a demand requires a response, many religious folks responded in the negative not only from a religious doctrine perspective but from a bedrock belief that marriage, with a 1000 year pedigree did not need to be redefined to accommodate a tiny minority. We didn't go after gay people, we responded to their demands.
Zolosida 1 year ago
Feel free to follow any peaceful religion that you like
Bagami 1 year ago
Ah, thanks. I did read those articles and found them interesting :)
Danris 1 year ago
If you aren't being sarcastic I would be interested in the reasoning you are using to make this conclusion.
Midal 11 months ago
It?s just plain stvpid when people do this ?not having your shit together and going after someone who does and then wondering why you got rejected. Duh. No one wants to deal with cr.ap. especially when life?s going good for yah.
Mikarisar 11 months ago
All we need to do is find some figures for conversions whilst incarcerated.
Arashibar 11 months ago
Probably an illegal immigrant.
Gosida 11 months ago
SSM is not recognized within christianity
Fenrirn 11 months ago
The proof I was asking for was a claim about Cambridge University's studies
Brara 11 months ago
What about heterophobic bigots disrespecting religious views of their neighbours?
Yokora 10 months ago
that's not fair FR! lol
Akinogar 10 months ago
At my most "liberal" and generous, I would not "vote" for anything above 2.
Megar 10 months ago
Q2: Why would said External/alt-reality Force expect a human to reject our tool of logic?
Gor 10 months ago
Well you are claiming that being pregnant is only a minor inconvenience and that the woman should lose autonomy because the fetus has separate DNA. I was pointing out that I will only temporarily inconvenience you by taking your kidney. My life is much more important than yours.
Makus 10 months ago
Certain threads I've read today make me question the future of Western civilization.
Fegul 10 months ago
So you claim.
Kigakora 9 months ago
You and James are bound to go to PC hell. I'd appreciate a ride if you're coming by this way.
Zujora 9 months ago
Why do you even care that he posts true articles about black people? Why must he post anything about whites? Funny you didn't ask about any other race or ethnicity
Mezisida 9 months ago
If out and black panties for sure.
Nehn 9 months ago
Really? I don?t remember him being brought up on further charges and honestly the pigeon training is probably calming to his aggression, which he seems to have learned how to use for a paycheck by acting like a charicature of himself (Mike Tyson Mysteries) where he seems to have no problem literally making a mockery of himself.
Voodoogis 8 months ago
Isn?t he currently in one of the ncis?s?

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