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"I have not ever seen proof of Mohammed's actual existence, therefore I do not believe he did. However, if I am shown proof that he did exist, that proof is only valid for one conclusion--That he in fact existed. It in no way would sway me to become a believer."

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Kajilar 9 months ago
The liberal tears will be oh so sweet when the probe ends without fulfilling their wet dream ??
Nataur 9 months ago
How does INCREASED TAX REVEUE have anything to do with wages? Wages are INCREASING at 2.7% the FASTEST pace in 10 years!
Taudal 8 months ago
I agree. But always hoping for less.
Milmaran 8 months ago
Why would anyone want to be straight? Why would anyone be attracted to plants?
Dujind 8 months ago
It was still there when I viewed it. You must have changed just as I was binning it. I have restored your comment
Mezijinn 8 months ago
Honest, I tripped, knocked her over, and accidentally impaled her!
Mura 8 months ago
Thanks for wasting my time Danny.
Daikree 7 months ago
He was being arrested and resisted being taken into custody and getting down when he was instructed to, so they had to escalate the force used. It wasn't instantly starting to punch him. He was put in a hold and struggled to stay on his feet. Resisted arrest.
Junos 7 months ago
Yeah, its an odd issue with the right. They will in public anyhow, back Israel and the heavily fundamentalism in the right. At the same time, they embrace white nationalists, the alt right and full on n a zies
Kakasa 7 months ago
Unpopular opinion thread is always a good way to start a dumpster fire. At least if you allow real responses. ; )
Meztijinn 7 months ago
But do we agree Reliance of the Traveller is a valid source on Islamic understanding of charity, unless you are familiar with another Sharia tradition which treats the subject in significantly different way?
Kazilar 7 months ago
You take care of you. Sadly, they aren't gonna.
Vokasa 6 months ago
Trump sees questions as indictments. How dare anyone question his majesty.
Taktilar 6 months ago
I have been saying this for some time now, at least FOR the US...religious exemptions are unnecessary. I don't believe the religious have the right to special accommodations. As long as they have the ability to worship the God of their choice, which requires them to adhere to certain tenets and those tenets do not pose a threat to our democracy then it should be allowed. Otherwise, the same laws that apply to a non believer apply to me.
Tojamuro 6 months ago
Why would anyone in their right mind fear a disembodied invisible god that hide's behind a curtian of misterous ways.
Munos 6 months ago
Awwwww, poor bigot can't accept the words that describe him. :(
Fenribei 6 months ago
I respect what you are thinking, but you'll have to show me evidence if you want me to think what you have written is worth further consideration. Currently, the evidence I am aware of is contrary to the view you are pushing.
Malasar 6 months ago
Geez, you didn't warn me... Glad he got there first.
Grocage 6 months ago
Again the statement-
Dagrel 5 months ago
Did the couple ask for a burning cross on their wedding cake?
Mora 5 months ago
Anyone care to prove that the left is more tolerant than the right? Put on a Red Trump hat and walk through the next protest. Take a stroll through Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle or Detroit. I am not afraid of being attacked in any city by any Conservative if I were to wear a Bernie or Hillary shirt. This is the difference.Liberals can not stand knowing someones views different than theirs. They have to make it known one way or another.
Bami 5 months ago
I mean, you
Musida 5 months ago
Totally agree. Well said.
Fenos 5 months ago
Follow the money.
Marr 5 months ago
I took a Flintstone vitamin. I find myself more inclined to lash out at the French.
Mor 5 months ago
For Americans on US soil - Christians are worse than Islam. Between 2001 and 2015, more Americans were killed by homegrown right-wing extremists (which most considered Christian than any other religion) than by Islamist terrorists, according to a study by New America, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, DC.
Kajilkis 5 months ago
If you're getting tested for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia, remember that they are bacteria and stay where they are put.
Dogami 4 months ago
ya, the bible shouldn't be discussed on the religion channel. How dumb!
Mall 4 months ago
Made my day, thank you
Tygojinn 4 months ago
The Pope said you believe in ancient myths. I'll take his word for it. Are you afraid to face reality? I can hear you breathing frantically. Calm down little fella, I won't bite you.
Akigami 4 months ago
TL;DR honestly, Im kinda over this whole post and tone associated with it. I think it sucks.
Grolabar 3 months ago
Again, don't bother. This country was well on it's way to being healed until the media realized it. They have turned us against each other and we are heading down a path we cannot come back from.
Faem 3 months ago
I was right. You don't have a freaking clue.
Julabar 3 months ago
Lack of bias

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