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"Really? Show me one God that science has proven impossible."

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Torken sat in an appointed chair as his bodyguard stood behind him. Jerome released the kiss and stared me hard in the eye.

Some of the poisons he had included had the effects of binding a soul to a particular body, and since Morgoth had chosen a humanoid body, he knew the poison would eventually destroy all of Caugt organs. oh………oh……. "Your cock feels so good inside of me. There were two human males and 3 human women.

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Grolkis 11 months ago
Genetics doesn't support Adam and Eve, pretty much no scientific field supports a global flood in human history. We don't have any credible accounts of the "zombie uprising" that came with Jesus's supposed resurrection. We have no credible evidence that the Exodus ever took place, or that there ever was a mass enslavement of Jews in Egypt. Tyr still stands, Egypt isn't going to be speaking any extinct languages.
Zulkik 11 months ago
I think he's saying it's the homogeneity of the population plays a big factor rather than it's more atheist. It's not nearly 90% though.
Doular 11 months ago
Did you read my comment?
Shaktijind 11 months ago
Your retort does not refute the fact that democrats hate lowering taxes.
Malale 10 months ago
This is what I keep explaining! And yet, plenty of atheists pop up as moral scolds to condemn Christianity for its history of condoning slavery.
Milkis 10 months ago
Explain your definition of abuse. Because I'm thinking I abused my kids by making them stay with grandma for a couple days.
Vigrel 10 months ago
GOP left the free market behind decades ago.
Sami 10 months ago
If they call an election that fast, it will ensure a PC majority.
Guzil 9 months ago
Why would I want him?
Faerisar 9 months ago
Ah thanks!...he was cute even back then.
Maukinos 9 months ago
you didn't answer the question. do you stand up, in your living room or wherever you watch the games in your home, when the anthem is being played?
Sharisar 9 months ago
In what way is she confused? That?s what you wrote.
Voodoojin 9 months ago
Good. But you should also speak some about yourself. A Relationship comes from both sides. You should take on this "adventure". Without "adventures" life can be dull.
Zulugul 9 months ago
Is that all you've got? I didn't even support Clinton.
Nem 9 months ago
YOU did not truly answer it. How did a male god create a female in it's image?
Tygozahn 9 months ago
If the movie addresses his awfulness as a rapist, there's nothing wrong with it. If the movie whitewashes him and that, it's f*cked up, and all too common.....
Zulkigar 8 months ago
BS geh. no one is talking about what happened before 200,000 years ago in these articles or discussion, except you. I never said anything about it. the ARTICLES and ori pdf state it.
Faetaxe 8 months ago
No problem, anything within 30 feet he declares its a gimme.
Kazragami 8 months ago
I don't see how you can get to a theistic claim based on the implausibility or plausibility of life in the universe. The universe may or may not be lousy with life. That to my mind is no basis for the contention that there is a creator. That's a separate question entirely.

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