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"Does Alexander the Great need to be independently verified? Why does Paul get a two tier treatment either he is 100% reliable or he is 100% unreliable in all aspects."

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Max had long ago fallen asleep in the kitchen. As did Krasis's ever watching honor guard consisting of 5 very well trained warriors.

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dosto fir shruti apne ghar chali gai…. Torken sat in an appointed chair as his bodyguard stood behind him. "I'm sorry you didn't get to have any fun," I said.

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Kazrar 9 months ago
Simple math is, apparently, yet another field you are severely lacking in. 1+1=10 is just as valid.
Vudozilkree 9 months ago
Please pass this on before they ban me..... Again ..... THE POPE HAS ACCEPTED HOMOSEXUALITY!!! Just the past week he tolled Homosexuals that God made them this way and that God loves them..... Please pass this on you can Google it and its on the news.... My question is of two parts.. Isn't the Pope he contradicting the bible??? And more so dose that mean all the other popes that said it was a sin was wrong??? Please pass this on too all you know.
Tulrajas 8 months ago
Like welfare, EI, Health care,
Turan 8 months ago
That's comical. Laborers don't make $20/hr just because they have work experience. Skilled tradesmen may only make $30/hr depending.
Sakinos 8 months ago
Why is "legal" in quotes? You want them to pretend to be legal? Like, do things Trump's way, with loopholes and operate within the grey area?
Keshura 8 months ago
Why do you hate people?
Mazukasa 8 months ago
Truth wins! Everyone go home.
Gokazahn 8 months ago
Atheism is not a "moral code". Why is it you do not bother asking Atheist's what if any morality they subscribe to? Many Atheist's are Secular Humanists and can explain very clearly why Hitler was wrong.
Shakajin 8 months ago
Well, one of my best friends wife made a late payment on their home. The home was in her name and it essentially ruined their credit even though his was great. They literally had to divorce to keep the glitch from hurting them more. Meh, have a day to like. I am not the guy for this subject anyway. I talk to much.
Akizahn 7 months ago
Yeah right. Because different factions of Muslims haven't been at war with each other for thousand of years.
Gromi 7 months ago
Nope. The Bible says Adam.
Tojakree 7 months ago
I have a full closet but nothing to pack for my trip.
Taukasa 7 months ago
Once again, thank you.
Doran 7 months ago
He did choose to. And he was a sacrifice, a martyr and then he was resurrected.
Meztizahn 7 months ago
It's a bit early to be drinking.
Vum 6 months ago
Or if we can bore big enough holes in their heads. Let the demons out and the sunshine in
Vogar 6 months ago
i'm sure that it varies. I was just taken aback at "no one" :)
Kazizshura 6 months ago
What does the word "anyone" mean to You?
Nikoll 6 months ago
Are you collecting corn dollies?
Mazugrel 6 months ago
Oh yes, and Barry was spot on too.
Motaur 5 months ago
So those religious racist bigots of 60 years ago were right when they screamed for the black folks to get the hell out of their diners, stores, schools, and hospitals?
Kazill 5 months ago
I already addressed that point above.
Tojarn 5 months ago
Maybe you ought to think about where the effin money comes from to feed and house these people--you have a money tree in your yard? There is a limit, and we have reached it.
Tukinos 5 months ago
Yeah, and he supposedly stayed on earth for 40 days trying to convince people that he was the risen savior and not one of these was a person of authority. A unconvincing fairy tale.
Samuramar 5 months ago
a human liver, and fava beans,, to be eaten with a nice chainti,,,
Zulurn 5 months ago
Eternity contains forever. It is not, however, forever. It is far greater than that particular aspect of the eternal state.
Kalkree 5 months ago
I am very fortunate that in the early part of the 20th century I had a pair of cousins who dedicated the better part of their lives to my moms side of the family and their extensive genealogy. The result was a two volume edition of limited print one of which is still in my possession, with some 70 thousand names, letters, photos, wills, and other communications going back 1100 years, (not the photots of course) that documents our family back to the Domesday book compiled in 1086 by order of William I. My fathers side is equally well documented, we are members of the Mayflower Society, my direct relative being Miles Standish, and then going back another thousand years to Eric the Red. Our family crest has the name of Standish on it.
Fausida 5 months ago
What about Tropical Punch Kool-Aid though? It's really good.
Moogukazahn 4 months ago
Kobe? SMH, he lost in the Finals twice to two teams nowhere near as good as the Warriors. And he had Shaq in his prime.
Yojind 4 months ago
It's worse even than Vegemite!
Kagajind 4 months ago
Yep. But that is a separate question from objective morality.
Tazilkree 4 months ago
Don't be holding your'll turn blue.
Vikus 4 months ago
Take your Bible to be recycled into something more useful, like packing material.

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