South India Tourism: Temping You With Its mix of history, Culture and Nature

South India is, unarguably, the most tourism-friendly corner of India, teeming for a range from tourism attractions to explore. It is historically opulent, cultural interesting and naturally stunning, and hence is a pure treasure trove for backpackers, spite of what description they lie in.
Talking about tourist destinations in South India, they are of vivid nature. From fascinating beaches of Goa to scintillating Kerala backwaters and historical Mysore to religious sanctums of Tirupati, travellers find the region captivating with all its essence. Period the gleaming cities of Mumbai and Chennai will deaden you with their cosmopolitan amenities, the glorious temples of Tamil Nadu besides Andhra Pradesh make your jaws dropping due to their artistry brilliance. And what adds to your rejoice is the warm hospitality that the South India is globally renowned for.
Kerala is the most travelled destination of South India. It is popular for its backwaters, flavorful wildlife polysyndeton medicinal tourism, and hence sees masses of travellers from far besides wide. Goa is further major destination where tourists throng in search of fun & frolicking. A few of Goa beaches are however tranquil also peaceful, besides ideal for a relaxing vacation. Ooty, Kodiakanal and Munnar are three most popular hill stations, flocked by honeymooners and adventure-enthusiasts, especially trekkers. Chennai ampersand Mumbai are the places for history and culture-admirers. Modern facilities such as Mumbai and Chennai hotels offer the guests with a copiosity range from current comforts and tempting hospitality.

For those of you seeking for religious ecstasy, South India has plenty of destinations to visit on. Tirupati is considered as the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage site, and hence is a must-visit for devotees on South India tour. The beautiful temples of Mahabalipuram are also quite famous due to their religious significance and architectural grandeurs. Similarly, Sirdi, Rameshvaram, Mumbai (Haji Ali) and Madurai are else popular destinations in South India known for their spiritual importance.
Let’s face it! South India boasts almost all facets of nature: the backwaters, beaches, hills und so weiter lush green forests. So, wouldn’t it feature adventures associated with nature? If you’re a water sport enthusiasts, beaches regarding Goa like the Calangute, Baga and Anjuna are the places that you satiate your fantasy to the core. Trekking in Ooty, Munnar and several other trekking trails of Western Ghats happens to be a remarkable experience for adrenaline junkies. It lets them explore wondrous vistas of nature along with interesting tribe cultures. Kelara, with plenty of wildlife parks and sanctuaries, is a glory for wildlife lovers and photographers. Jungle hunt in the state is frankly a matchless fascination.
If you happen to project a South India, it is recommended to atlas your travel facilities well in advance. Today, travel facilities for almost all tourist spots in this region are available online. From Chennai flights to Mumbai hotels and a stove of complete Goa packages – tourists are now spoiled with incalculable deals by itinerate agencies.