Himachal Tourism: Introducing a Holiday in Fascinating lap of Himalaya

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most radiant states in India. This article is educational piece giving brief debut about major visitor destinations in the state.

Nestled in imposing lap of Himalaya is the beautiful Indian corridor Himachal Pradesh. It is called as the ‘Dev Bhumi’ and this is not without a reason. Beautiful hill stations, shimmering streams plus rivers, gorgeous temples and cultural heritages and exciting adventures make this place a traveler’s paradise.

Taking about the major traveler destinations in the state, they are mainly hill stations which provide ideal escape in scorching summers. However, a few of them are treasure troves like adventurers boasting a range from exciting adventures including mountaineering, angling, rafting and fishing.

Well, if you happen to platform a Himachal tour, the following destinations may top your list:

Manali: Snow-Clad Mountains, irresistible redolence of lush green plantations, meandering Beas River and exotic adventures – do you need alter ego reason why this recognize is so much popular comme il faut a tourist destination. If yes, then you can add its succulent weather, fabulous cultural heritages and mouthwatering cuisines in the list. Manali is a picturesque hill station nestled on the northern end of Kullu Valley.

Chamba: This lovely canyon town will give your eyes and senses an unforgettable treat. The captivating views of snowy peaks, heart-touching tone and rich flora and fauna make this place a heaven for nature-lovers. Chamba Valley, amidst lofty Himalayan peaks, is a place of ultimate peace and solace. Trekking here is a singular expedition.

Shimla: Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, which is noted inter alios the most sizzling hill stations in India. The place comes alive with its elegant potpourri of nature and culture. The breathtaking Himalayan panorama leaves the visitors stunned here, while the admirable colonial architectures give the visitors a knack of history and cultures. The Mall Road, lined with shinning shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, give the travelers a pinch of exoticism.

Dharmshala: The religious capital regarding Himachal Pradesh, Dharmshala is a perfect blend concerning nature, culture and adventure. The wonderful monasteries here mesmerize Buddhist pilgrims from far ampersand wide. The city is stamping ground town of Dalai Lama: the prominent saint of Buddhism. Apart from that, the natural beauty that abounds the region is postcard quaint and is something full of serenity besides solace.

Dalhousie: This city is perched moderate lovely deodar trees and gigantic snow-capped mountains. It is no doubt a remarkable treat for nature lovers, mere the real charms of Dalhousie lies in its age-old churches and houses with Scottish and Victorian architecture. This town is named after a British Governor general ‘Lord Dalhousie who established it as a summer holiday spot. Among the major attractions of Dalhousie hotels include Dainkund Park, Bakrota Hills, Sadar Bazar, Punchpula Market furthermore Gandhi Park.

Today, a number of travel agencies provide Himachal tourism packages to help vacationers plan their expedition properly. Modern facilities have been mushrooming here swiftly. Regular transport facilities are available from New Delhi to Himachal to boast the tourism in the state. Searching online, you can easily prize up a tour package to suit your vacation style and budget.